[Bible searching difficulties and surprises]

[Bible searching difficulties and surprises]

Camp memories continued…

One day we had a quest. Each counselors’ team had to come up with 4 clues based on Bible verses and in the end the kids would find a treasure. We were given that task of clue-making around 11:30PM, yet once the Phoenix counselors’ team got to work, we were done in about half an hour. Three of the clues were from Matthew and one was from John.

The biggest difficulty of the quest was… getting our boys to participate in the game. It was the second half of the camp, so the kids were getting tired and cranky and their “leader” was not in the mood to participate because he did not think the prizes would matter. Yet, we still wanted them to enjoy what we have prepared for them, so we finally talked them into at least trying. One kid brought his Bible (only two out of 11 had a Bible) and the boys set to work.

Since most of them never even opened the Bible, they had no idea how to look for the books. Initially we thought that the three counselors (Philip, Tonya, and I) would be at the three stations and Aaron would be with the boys, just watching out so that they won’t fight. Since they had trouble with looking for the passages, I decided to stay.

We played the “Hot – Cold” game when they were looking for the clues. Oh, and once they found the first clue, the game finally started to look really appealing to them. Aaron and I were standing afar, watching the kids and helping them sometimes.

At one point of time, Sasha ran to me looking rather frantic.

“There’s no 14th chapter in that book! There are only 4 chapters there!”

I looked startled. “What do you mean, no 14th chapter?”

He ran back to the crew and pointed at the Bible.

“See? It ends with the chapter 4!”

I looked at the Bible.

“Sasha, what is the book you got open called?”


“Yeah. And what does the clue say?”


“Mm hmm, open the John book and I assure you, it has chapter 14.”

Finally, they found the treasure. Since we had so many soccer players, we hid it on a soccer field. The treasure had 11 Milky Way bars and a Bible.

To be honest, I expected the guys to be focused on the chocolate since that’s what they were begging me for for half of the week. Yet, once again, they surprised me.

“Who will get the Bible?”

“Can I have it?”

“I don’t have a Bible!”

“Oh, I so want to have a Bible!”

I stood there, speechless. My boys, my ragamuffin herd of boys whose only pleasure seemed to be soccer, were almost fighting over who would get the Bible. Milky Way bars forgotten, they wanted the Word.

We did not take a lot of Bibles with us to the camp, but since I was the first one who came to the camp director with the request for Bibles, all my soccer players got their own Books. I hope and pray that the desire to read it won’t pass away.

Don’t for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed.

Joshua 1:8, MSG

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