[sweet glimpses of momhood]

[sweet glimpses of momhood]

Today’s post will not have any deep spiritual thoughts or anything. It was inspired by Michael Perkins’ blog of today called “Can I Sit With You?” and by the comments of all the dads who shared about how much they like to spend time with their kids…

I don’t have kids of my own yet, but for two weeks I had a chance to be a deputy mom for 11 boys. We had rollercoaster times – one moment they act like angels helping each other out, the very next moment they are fighting over something trivial.

Yet, during the Church Board meeting tonight we got to chat about our experience in the camp (since all who were present today were in the camp) and I got to share a story about my boys.

One day we had quiet time after the lunch and it was my turn to be with the boys. I was tired and so I plopped onto the bed of one of the boys and picked up a comic book that was laying next to me. Always ready to read something, I scanned the pages and saw that there was a portion called “English with Mickey” (the comic book was in Russian otherwise)… Employing several goofy voices, I read the page out loud, grinning widely because the English was extremely terrible (yes, it was that bad)…

When I finished that one-pager comic story, my boys asked me to read some more. So I have read another story about Scrooge and travelling in time. When I finished, I realized that I was surrounded by my kiddos – some were lying right next to me, some were sitting so that they could also hear the story and see the pictures.

It was a great feeling. They were so calm and quiet… and that was the first time when I felt like they were meant to be in my team… and I was meant to be their counselor.

I guess another sweet part about that was that I didn’t expect boys of 10 – 11 years want to hear a comic book read out loud to them by a girl. Afterwards, I realized that they really considered me more of a mother figure rather than an older girl. It was an honor…

So… that was my sweet glimpse of motherhood. I know that it involves more loud and proud times than these quiet gentle happy moments, yet those moments are worth it. The times when you realize that no matter what, you still love them. The times when you realize that these kiddos may not even be your own yet you care deeply for them.

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