[tada. i am home.]

[tada. i am home.]

A full day later since I came home, my fingers finally got the inspiration needed to write something down for the blog.

I am bummed today because I had to say good byes again. Yesterday morning it was good byes to the kiddos from my team (Let’s Go, Phoenix, Let’s GO!), today it was to the team from the States who were in the camp helping us. Another piece of my heart has been stolen. The good part about that – I have many homes now – since “home is where your heart is” and the pieces of mine are scattered around the world. Another good part is that I think those were the last good byes of this summer. I don’t think I would be able to handle any more.


It has been 10th year since the first time I have been a counselor at a camp and, to be honest, I think this time was the toughest. I don’t know why exactly it was the toughest – I think it just was more challenging than any other camps before. Most of the kiddos I had were new to the entire concept of Christianity and so they came with their own perceptions of what it means to be a Christian / Believer. Half of their beliefs was the reason I don’t tend to trust Orthodox Church – too many rules and too little love. Oh well, the post isn’t about that.

I had 11 kiddos and as I mentioned on my Twitter, 5 of them were pro soccer players, from the same team. Not sure what they have been told about the camp, but they clearly expected to play soccer and kept asking me about the practice. I was amazed at their dedication.

“When are we gonna have practice?”

“What practice?”

“Well, duh, soccer practice.”

“Um… We’re not gonna have soccer practice.”

“But how are we going to win if we don’t practice?”

I grinned at that comment when I first heard it, but then immediately was struck by a thought.

How often do we practice before the Game? How often do we prepare ourselves for the Battle? Or we just rush into the Battle hoping and praying that well, God’s on our side, so He’s gonna do everything?

I have to confess… I mostly do the latter. It’s all too easy to get caught up in all the blessings our God provides and become lazy. That’s one of the most potent weapons of the evil one – making us think that God will do / already did all necessary stuff for our salvation and we are just here to enjoy the ride.

I am thankful for my 11 boys and the lessons they have been teaching me. I will probably be talking about camp for some time since there is so much to say, but… *sigh* I want to go back. Challenges and all.

P.S. We ended up having soccer practices because we decided to have a soccer tournament right there in the camp, complete with qualifying rounds, semi-finals, and final game. Even I got to play soccer one time with girls – ah, the look of delight on my boys’ faces when I told them I will be playing soccer so that they could cheer for me.

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