[children’s camp]

[children’s camp]

Just in few hours, I will be listening to a clickety-clack of the steel wheels on polished railways. I am going to a children’s camp.

To be honest, I am a bit nervous. It shall pass once I will meet my kiddos (I’m gonna be a boys team counselor) – thank God for the “Camp Mode” that is obviously pre-installed in my personality – but right now, I am trying to think whether I got everything I need and whether I will be a good example for my kiddos as well as for the two friends who are co-counselors along with me. *SHRUG* This is normal for me.

However, that is not to say that I am not excited. I am especially excited that I am going to be working with boys – for some reason, I find myself bonding much easier with boys that girls – probably because I find boys much easier encouraged for action and games. With girls you gotta deal with “I’m too hot” or “This is a silly game.” With boys, motivation’s way easier – at least from my numerous past experiences.

Another thing I am happy about – the counselor’s team that we’ve got for our team – I’m gonna be working with one of my best friends Tonya and my little brother (not blood-related, but we just treated each other like a brother and sister…for his entire life) Philip. This is going to be fun.

So… I am not going to be posting here for two weeks (until the end of July). I might be posting some updates on my Twitter account. I don’t know yet – maybe I will succeed in hooking my lappy to the cell phone and using the mobile internet. We’ll see.

Have great two weeks!!! I am going to miss you, my online friends.

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