[chris rice – my tree]

[chris rice – my tree]

I was digging through the code today and listening to music on random. A song came up and the lyrics caught my attention. I have heard this song many times, yet today I paid attention to what it really says… and I sat amazed and mesmerized by the amazing reminder and imagery.

The song is by Chris Rice called My Tree.

On a hill far away stands a tall mighty tree
Where a boy and girl used to take turns pushing the tire swing
I remember the pocketknife in hand
And her name in my heart
And thinkin’ there ain’t no way for a boy to contain
The love that he feels inside
So I carved her name into my tree
Then I carved a heart around her name
Then I carved an arrow through the heart
Just to say “I love you”

Now on a hill far away stood an old rugged cross
The emblem of suffering and shame
I remember the nails through my hands
And your name in my heart
And how in their wordless way the nails explain
The love that I feel inside
As they carved your name into my tree
Where I wrapped my heart around your name
Then I took your arrow through my heart
Just to say, “I love you”
Just to say, “I love you”

Now I can never forget how much you mean to me
‘Cause I will always remember whenever I see

Amazing His love is.

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