[sharing a dream]

[sharing a dream]

I always found it cool when I would talk to someone and find out that we have something in common. It may be a tiny little thing, yet it unites us. I think all people, even those who prefer to be left alone, strive to have unity or a sense of belonging, something to let them know they are not completely alone.

On Saturday, I had some sort-of-free time (I was still standing next to the ChamberUnite tent, but people were more interested in other stuff) and a friend of mine, Jonathan, and I chatted about stuff. At one point, we started talking about books (he and I both love to read). He works at a library and that triggered an image in my mind’s eye which I shared with him.

“It is my dream to have a library.”

“Mine too. A big room, floor-to-ceiling shelves, no expense spared.”

“Yeah, the smell of books everywhere. Coffee table, a fireplace, and cozy armchairs facing the fire.”

I stood there, gazing into the distance at the Coca-Cola picnic tents, yet seeing an entirely different thing. We conversed about what else should be there for some time, both taken away from the Independence Day Picnic and to another place.

It feels awesome to share a dream. Yeah, I agree that my dream might sound nerdy or bookwormish or something. I don’t care. I love books. I already have quite a collection at home, yet they are everywhere (on TV, on shelves, stacked on my table, on my bed)… I long for that day when I will finally buy myself at least one of those floor-to-ceiling shelves’ set and create a cozy home for my imaginary worlds.

When I told mom about the chat with Jonathan and the desire to have a library, she glanced around my room, “Well, you have quite a library already.” I shook my head. She didn’t “get” it. The library isn’t just a collection of books… it’s the very ATMOSPHERE of the place. It’s the order… I don’t know. It’s… it’s more than just books everywhere (although I love having books everywhere).

What is your dream? Do you have someone you share that dream with?

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