[stay as you are]

[stay as you are]

Stay as you are.

I have been told that today and I grinned shyly. That is one of the best compliments for me – especially with people who know the real me (because they just met me and didn’t know me back in the days when I was trying to pretend I am someone else). “Be yourself” is something that a dear friend of mine taught me. I know that it might be quite obvious for many, but for me it was (and still is, sometimes) tough to remember that I am the way God wanted me to be.

Anyways, I was walking home in the rain (and I don’t believe in umbrellas) after saying good bye to the W&W team I had a privilege to work alongside for a couple of days, and I thought… Being me and staying as I am is good… but at the same time, I want God to change me. I don’t want to lose what I have learned while I want to add up to what I have learned and become even closer to the image that God wanted me to be in the very beginning, that Imago Dei that is at the very core of my being.

But seriously… maybe I am selfish but it felt good to be appreciated for who I am 😀

  • The fact that you are against umbrellas is surefire proof that you MUST stay as you are! That's a free spirit! And certainly refreshing to be around. Just reading your posts make me happy. So definitely stay as you are!
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    • tee hee, thanks 😀 yeah, sometimes the heavy rain makes me consider starting believing in umbrellas, but since i just prefer to stay inside on occasions like that or call a cab, that doesn't really bother me 😀

      and you're welcome for the blogroll link – i like reading your posts because they make me think what i really believe 🙂 a challenge like that is always good 😀

  • PS. I just realized you put me on your blog roll. See, I knew I liked you. That was so nice of you to link to me.
    My recent post Forgive Me Online Community I Have Sinned

  • Zee: Several things. I agree with Jessica about the umbrella thing. Second, There really is nothing wrong with staying the way you are. I got tired of pretending and trying to be someone I am not. While it does put some pressure on you, being who you are is also liberating. I only know you from blogging and I too would say "stay the way you are."
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    • heh… the blogging me (especially this blog's blogging me) is the real me… most of the people who know me in real life still keep thinking that i am different… (well, those who knew me before… i guess it's just hard for them to realize that i have changed in these few past years)… *shrug*

  • Zee: just read a great quote: "To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are." Not only does that fit but I also smell a post in my future. 🙂
    My recent post Giving God Permission

    • oooh, cool quote! thanks for sharing, Bill! love it.

      looking forward to that post of yours 😉

  • I'm reading an interesting book right now called The Me I want to Be.

    He makes a point about what you are writing about. When we become transformed by Christ, we don't change completely, you become youier. In other words: You become the you that God intended you to be.

    I am not doing the author just by describing it, so I hope you understand. I don't think you are being selfish at all kiddo.
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    • I heard about that book, sounds like something fun.

      youier – love that word! 😀 (no idea how to pronounce it, though :D)

  • I knew you as a young child, and I've know you through skype chats over the past couple of years. But both my wife and I look forward to meeting (in September) the woman God has been forming. One thing that is cool from my nearly three decade long observance of your life is the way your honest spunk is being honed into bold strength, and joy for those who know you. Thank you for thinking here, where we can all watch!

    • thanks for kind words, David.

      I am SOOO looking forward to September! it's certainly gonna be a time of a lifetime.

  • I think this is an interesting topic because we, as Christians, think that God is out to completely rewire us.. as if every thing about us was sinful and unredeemed.

    While we are unrighteous and sinful and fallen in our nature, that doesn't mean that there aren't aspects of our individual creation that are not the way God intended. For instance:

    I am caucasian and male. Both of those things are as He intended and they are things that I can use for His glory. Can we suppose that there may be aspects of our personalities (will, heart, and emotions) that He has shaped for His glory even before we realized our need for Him?

    Did Peter quit being a hard head after the Holy Spirit got a hold of him or did God use that rock-like quality to further His kingdom through Peter?

    Yeah.. I think there are some things that are supposed to remain the same… that we don't have to totally reinvent ourselves to become some form of plastic Christian following another form of a plastic Christ.

    He will mold us. He will grow us. He may even use those things that we wanted to change about ourselves to accomplish just that. We just have to be willing to be pliable in His hands.

    My recent post Ain’t that something err… I mean nothing

    • Amen Tony.

    • i agree, Tony, and thanks for pointing that out.

      we still are created in His image, even if some parts of that image have been distorted. SOME, not all.

      i had to grin re: Peter – i remind myself of him every once in a while… and then realize that God actually did use me in one way or another using exactly that trait.

      thanks! and amen.
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  • Zee, I'm glad you are youier :). Also, can relate to this post too. We all have this underlying need to be understood and loved and when we feel that doesn't happen, we think we need to change drastically or we are unlovable. I love what Tony said because I struggle with this whole idea of revinvention too. I want to be perfect now…because me isn't good enough. But it's true, many bible characters didn't change drastically…they were still who they were before, but God was who He was for all time and that is what the difference is. He was the one doing the changing, not them. Great post.
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    • thanks Michelle (and sorry i'm so scarce with comments lately – will try to change that this week)))

      the point you make is, in my opinion, very important. it always amazed me that David was called a man after God's own heart yet he was FAR from perfect. I am not saying that gives us freedom to go amok and do whatever we want, yet we need to remember that the main thing is that we stick with God (even when going back to Him is painful….)…

  • Thanks for the courage to be you! Honesty and transparency in who we are is so liberating isn't it? To be the person God and Life has created woven together for the benefit of all of us! I was 40 years old before realizing that I didn't have a clue as to who I was as I was too busy trying to be who everyone else thought I should be. I am who I am, no more, no less. ( check out the song No more, No less by Mercy Me on You tube) Good luck sharing who you are with others!

    • Tom – thanks for reminding me of that MercyMe song. sure hits home for this topic we've been discussing.

      It certainly is liberating to finally make that step and be oneself, a scary step, yet the results are worth it.

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