[stay as you are]

[stay as you are]

Stay as you are.

I have been told that today and I grinned shyly. That is one of the best compliments for me – especially with people who know the real me (because they just met me and didn’t know me back in the days when I was trying to pretend I am someone else). “Be yourself” is something that a dear friend of mine taught me. I know that it might be quite obvious for many, but for me it was (and still is, sometimes) tough to remember that I am the way God wanted me to be.

Anyways, I was walking home in the rain (and I don’t believe in umbrellas) after saying good bye to the W&W team I had a privilege to work alongside for a couple of days, and I thought… Being me and staying as I am is good… but at the same time, I want God to change me. I don’t want to lose what I have learned while I want to add up to what I have learned and become even closer to the image that God wanted me to be in the very beginning, that Imago Dei that is at the very core of my being.

But seriously… maybe I am selfish but it felt good to be appreciated for who I am 😀

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