[uh oh]

[uh oh]

It was raining cats and dogs today. The tiny little swampy spring that we have close to our office turned into a ferocious mountain river. The peaceful view out of the window turned icy as hail poured from the heaven. All the dirt that was hidden somewhere between the cracks of the roads surfaced and muddied the streets.

As the four of us sat on the bleachers at the stadium where the Picnic will take place tomorrow and watched the rain pour down, we couldn’t help but feel our spirits being pummeled by those heavy raindrops. It just so happened (well, according to the Murphy’s Law, actually) that today everything was not to our advantage. Just getting to the stadium which normally takes up to 35 minutes took us over 1.5 hours. Reasons: it was raining hard, it’s Friday and people are leaving Kyiv, and the main reason – Hillary Clinton’s in Kyiv so half of the main roads were simply closed. Nothing personal, but I really wish she didn’t come. Thankfully because of the Picnic we’re not meeting with her.

The taxis weren’t available (because of tremendous traffic jams literally EVERYWHERE) and finally we were able to leave the stadium with one of our Chamber guys. As we drove back to the office, the sky began to clear and when we stopped at McD’s DriveThru, I glanced out of the window and yelled: “LOOK!” pointing at the sky.

There were two rainbows. TWO. One was rather pale, yet the other one was as bright as they come. It stayed there for probably good 40 minutes or so. I looked at it, remembered Noah, and told the guys in the car, “This is a sign. It all will be okay.”

I don’t know whether everything will be okay as we expect it. I pray that it will. I know that God can turn bad situations into something really great and awesome. I am still nervous but calming down a bit. Tomorrow’s gonna be SOMETHING ELSE.

Please keep praying – the Chamber team’s tired (at least those who participated in preparations – some think it’s above their responsibilities to cut out tickets or pack the supplies) and we still need clear heads tomorrow. Please pray specifically for Anya and Nadya (as they are the people dealing with all the finances and counting and stuff in all this) as well as for Vika and her Events team (who have put a lot of effort into this event). I need prayers too because I don’t feel confident that I can do a good job with CU (thankfully it’s not the only thing I do – Kids’ Zone will be a blast).

Thank you! 🙂

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