[quick update – from the picnic – LIVE]

[quick update – from the picnic – LIVE]


It’s already 7PM over here and the Picnic has been going for 3 hours already – everything as far as I can tell is smooth and the main thing – THE WEATHER IS PERFECT!!!

I told God yesterday that I would be thankful even if the weather would be rainy, but that we would really appreciate it if the weather would be nice. Well, I guess He got tired of my begging and pleading and provided sunshine and just a few clouds to make it not so hot.

More info later…


Well, it’s 12:36PM and what do you know – I am already home, showered and ready to collapse on my bed.

The event went great – we did have rain at one point, but that’s a story worth telling. I’ll have pictures on Monday too.

Thankful to God for everything (including the team from Michigan coming) and especially for the adrenaline. Seriously, most of the Picnic, I wasn’t myself. I, the introvert, was talking nonstop about the ChamberUnite and how cool, hip, and innovative it is and how it is beneficial to all Chamber members. My assistant and I danced in the tent to the music that was playing on the stage because we realized that if we’ll stand still, we’ll just collapse somewhere in the corner and stay like that. Also, I am thankful that although I was feeling really sick first half of the day, it passed right before the Picnic started at 4PM and I could be cheerful instead of gloomy and in pain.

All in all… From my point of view, everything went great. Not perfect, but people have enjoyed it and kids loved the Kids’ Zone…. So, I consider my job done and I am off to get horizontal and get some strength before tomorrow’s Church and BBQ.


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