[prayers needed]

[prayers needed]

Dear friends,

Random post today – I have been scarce this week and I suspect that I’ll be back to normal blogging only next week. Right now we are in full-time preparation for the upcoming Annual American Independence Day Picnic* and it’s hectic because even though we’re preparing for the biggest event of the year (over 4,000 people every year in attendance), no one canceled the routine everyday things. Result – everyone is nervous, freaking out, and simply trying to do a ton of things at the same time.

The verse of the day today was just ideal:

Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe.

Mark 11:24

We need your prayers big time. With this hectic time, it’s easy to get lost in stuff to do. I already managed to inadvertently hurt my best friend at work (thankfully she accepted my apology – WHEW!) and I don’t want that to happen again. I know that once this will be over, we’ll enjoy lifetime memories. Right now, however, it feels overwhelming.

BUT. Our God is an awesome God and I put my trust in Him (at least that’s what I am trying to do). And your prayers will be really appreciated. I’ll post an update about the Picnic itself sometime next week.

Annual American Independence Day Picnic

* Note: In case you’re wondering why on earth we’re celebrating US Independence Day here in Ukraine – the reason is simple – I work at the American Chamber of Commerce.
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