[my God’s enough]

[my God’s enough]

I keep thinking that I have written on this topic already but neither of my blogs found it when I searched… Oh well. The entry has been inspired by a blog post by Dusty Rayburn which you can find HERE.

The guys you see in the picture are our dear missionaries – Bob and Colleen Skinner. Both of them are wonderful. In 15+ years of knowing them, I don’t think I have ever seen Colleen angry – she literally RADIATES joy, even when I know she’s dead tired (seriously!). She has been a blessing and continues to be one.

Bob in my mind always associated with Lion King, ever since I was a wee kid, hanging out with their three boys. Even though I am not short myself, Bob is still taller than me and bigger. However, although I was always fascinated by his strength, it was his humility that astounded me. If I ever needed an example of how BIG our God is and how I can trust Him, all I needed was to take a look at Bob.

It is easy to imagine someone stronger than me even in this world. However, Bob was (and is) strong and yet God was (and is) stronger than him. And if Bob could trust God to fix his problems (without relying on his own strength and mind), that’s a perfect example to me that God surely can take care of me.

I am thankful to God for sending this couple to Ukraine. I am thankful that I could spend time with them and hopefully will spend more time. And most of all, I am thankful for the example they have set – in their Christian lives as well as marriage, parenting, and a bunch of other things.

Who was a person in your life who was a great example for you?

(This song by BarlowGirl is based on Psalm 73 and is another inspiration for this post…)

  • It's not often I inspire something! Thank you for the shout out.

    I am going to have to download some Barlow Girl now.
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    • Oh, trust me, Dusty (and i am sure there will be a lot of others who will join me in this) – you're certainly an instrument in God's hands and you do inspire quite often. Just sayin' πŸ™‚

      yep, BarlowGirl is good – i like the honesty in their lyrics.

  • I like the background Zee. I'm sure I am late in saying so…or maybe I repeated myself there. My brain is mush.
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    • *hug* nope, actually i changed it just recently and a couple of days ago the programmers fixed the "about me" part, so you're right on time.

  • Marty Alan Michelson

    What nice words you've said about the Skinners!

  • I will never turn down an opportunity to thank my dear friend, Jim Bayless, for inspiring me, as a young father, to seek and trust in God.

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    • it's cool that God transforms people to encourage others.

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