[W&W Michigan]

[W&W Michigan]

For the past three days I had a delightful privilege to hang out with guys from Michigan (and one from Ohio) who came to Ukraine to work on the building that was purchased for mom’s Church. During the weekend it was mostly sightseeing, but today we actually started working. Since it was Ukraine’s Constitution Day today, I had a day off so I could actually get all dirty and dusty helping the guys.

Tomorrow I’ll have to go back to work and although I love what I do, I was a bit upset that I won’t have a chance to work with construction a bit more. I LOVE construction – I like the smell of concrete, I like climbing ladders / roofs with a hammer in my hand, I like being told “That thing over there needs to be destroyed.” All in all, I love being useful and today I had a blast – even if I was tired and dusty from all the work (our task today was to clean all the dirt from the floors – which included simple dust, pieces of paper, concrete, bricks, glass, and whatnot – and to cut out a door in a brick wall). I love working with Work&Witness teams because I can work with my body and let the mind rest (at least during the actual construction / destruction / clean-up times)… Although physically tired, I feel incredibly refreshed. And it was quite fun at times to operate my rake-broom đŸ˜€ (We asked for brooms and were given a couple of rakes and few short-handle brooms… so one of the guys duct-taped the broom and the rake and created a “broom-rake” or “rake-broom” whatever you wanna call it… it was good in getting the mud off the floors).

Besides the fun I experience when I work, it is also wonderful to work alongside great guys and gals. We laughed and teased each other, helped each other, and shared meals. I got to know them a bit better and they got to know me a bit better. And like all the teams that I had worked with, this team amazes me at their eagerness to help each other and help mom with her Church building.

I am going to miss them this week. Thankfully they are coming to the 4th of July Picnic on Saturday and then on Sunday I get to hang out with them for the entire day again. Awesome.

The point of this post? It is amazing to be able to work together on a project when all of the team members want to reach the same goal.

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