[God’s Answers]

[God’s Answers]

Those who read my blog regularly might remember me being really upset with the fact that I was re-assigned to do another job at the 4th of July Picnic. And I mean, I was REALLY upset about it – almost to be point of breaking down and crying a couple of times.

Here’s what I wrote in the blog entry that day:

The point of the post is to record the feelings right now so that maybe in the future when I will come back to this post, I will grin and think about how God managed to turn the situation around…

That, and I need your prayers because frankly… this entire situation is stressing me out.

The Observer, June 16, 2010

Well… guess what?


I was thinking hard for a few days trying to come up with the plan (and just simply bailing out of the other project wasn’t an option) and praying about it (yeah, one of those times when I talked God’s ears off), and finally one day I was riding home in a taxi from work in a really foul mood because once again someone mentioned Kids’ Zone… It was raining outside and my head was about to explode from all the thinking and also the air pressure changes due to the weather when I got my BINGO moment.

I texted my admin manager, “Can I be responsible for the main admin part of the Kids’ Zone and then I’ll have Nastya [my assistant] take care of it while I’ll be in the CU tent talking about how cool and innovative it is? PLEASE?”

I think I stopped breathing for those couple of minutes as I was waiting for Nadya to reply. Finally I heard House’s voice [that’s my sound for a message]. I looked at the phone.


The foul mood was gone right then. POOF! Like it hasn’t been there.

So I guess in this situation, God just wanted me to be patient and creative. After all, I ended up with both projects and that’s good. I still don’t really like the other project because, frankly speaking, I don’t believe in it, but with the prospect of at least administrating the Kids’ Zone will help me feel more useful rather than just sitting in a tent for the entire day.

However… the praise would be God’s whether I would’ve gotten Kids’ Zone or not… because thankfully my faith in Him doesn’t depend on the stuff that happens. I might get mad at Him, but usually I cool off quickly when I think how much He has provided for me and all His mercy and love and care…

That said… PRAISE GOD!! I GOT KIDS’ ZONE!!! 😀 (Can you tell I’m excited?)

And thanks to y’all who prayed. Seriously, it helped.

  • uhm… i'm confused, zee. i'm really happy that you got the kids' zone, and that you're happy. but i'm confused all the same.

    is july 4th something special to you guys? is this just coincidence that we celebrate a holiday on the same date? or did you move to the states?

  • zenichka

    no, bro. i didn't move to the States (yet, anyway) and it's not a coincidence 😀 the reason, however, is fairly simple – i work at the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine 🙂 and since we're American, 4th of July is big for us so we do a huge charity event dedicated to it since there are quite a lot of US folks in Kyiv.

  • Well, I missed how unhappy you were so I can take no responsibility for any helpful prayers–but I'm happy you're happy! Blessings today, Zee. Hope life is treating you well. Did you change the layout of your site? It looks different.
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    • yeah, there were a couple of weeks of me wallowing in self-pity 🙂 heh. i just don't like to feel useless and that was the issue. thankfully, my life's back with purpose (besides the eternal one) 😀

      yep, life is great. worked alongside a wonderful team of people today (Work&Witness) cleaning out the building in preparations for the renovating mom's Church. it was incredibly dusty, but when you work with a fun bunch of people, it's great.

      yeah, i got a bit tired of the previous layout – i had it for like a year… so i decided to go green / gray.
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  • the american chamber of commerce, huh… it's all making sense.

    just curious, do many american citizens work there?

    • american citizens at the Chamber itself or in Ukraine?

      at the Chamber only our president is an American citizen (although most assume that i am too). in Ukraine – quite a lot. and besides, the members of the Chamber aren't necessarily US companies – we got Ukrainian, Russian, European, Asian companies represented.
      My recent post Book Review- HOUSE by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti

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