[where do you fit in?]

[where do you fit in?]

A pastor from Michigan, Darrel Harvey, has shared this idea today as we got together for a leadership / W&W time and it was too good not to share.

The idea is Darrel’s, the reflections are mine.

The picture below is famous Trinity by a Slavic artist Andrey Rublev.

Where do you fit in?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Or, perhaps, the better way to say it is “How many times have you asked yourself that question?” Remember choosing the table to have lunch during the break at school – maybe you were nervous when you came for the first time – “Will anyone there accept me? Will anyone save a seat for me? Where will I fit in?”

Sharing food is very important in our minds. If you want to make someone feel welcome at your home, you cook the best dishes and use the best tableware. Sharing a lunch with someone at work or school or someplace else is also important. I have a habit – whenever I buy something to eat, most of the time I buy a bit more than I can eat just in case I’ll have the opportunity to share with someone else. I am not sure where that habit came from, I just think that eating alone is quite boring… and sharing a meal is fun.

We aren’t really taught that in Sunday School but when God created man, I think [these were Darrel’s thoughts] that it was like in that icon above. The Trinity was enjoying the communion so much that one “moment” He / They decided to add another chair to the table.

“How about We create us some company?” (my paraphrase of Genesis 1:26)

And God went to work: He / They created the man from the dust, breathed life into him, placed him into the Garden of Eden, and made him the ruler of everything in that Garden. In other words, God gave the man three things: Life, Place, and Purpose.

One of my favorite parts in the Story of Beginnings is imagining God strolling alongside Adam and Eve and just talking… perhaps laughing at giraffe’s neck or the trunk of an elephant… or maybe just enjoying the view sharing a comfortable silence. Which, as I imagine it, means that God added a couple of chairs to Their dinner table and they shared meals together.

I have tried to fit in for many years of my life as I have mentioned in another blog entry the other day. I tried fitting in with people my age, with people who are younger, and people who are older. I tried to fit in with Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Americans, English people, those from Scotland… I have tried to fit in by using the languages that I know. It worked for some time, but I was still yearning for MORE.

Those thoughts that Darrel shared today really hit home when I realized that it’s exactly what I have been experiencing in the last couple of years. I finally fit in because God told me that He saved a seat at His / Their dinner table for me. I finally fit because I gave up the struggle to fit in. It’s a freeing experience.

There’s a chair at His table for you too. Shall we all go share a meal together?

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