[thank you…]

[thank you…]

One of the best compliments that I have ever been told was a quite simple one…

“Thank you for being you.”

The friend who said this to me knows me quite well. He and I shared a lot of great times as well as been there for each other when one of us needed to vent out the frustration. Even though we have never met in person (did not have the opportunity yet since we live some 5,000 miles apart or so), after almost 5 years of chatting almost every other day (or every day), I can easily say that he’s one of those who knows “me.”

Maybe the fact that we have never met in person played its role. Maybe the thing that we’re both computer-geeky introverts made our online chats and Skypes so easy. I don’t know. Yet, we managed to have more honest times with each other than I ever had with anyone else. Even sharing a comfortable silence over a Skype call…

He knows me well (only my mom and God know me better), he knows my weaknesses, things that drive me nuts, and things that will force a sincere grin out of me even on the worst day of my life. And yet, he says “Thank you for being you.”

It is freeing to be who I am, without the stupid desire to hide or color some areas. I am still learning to be me because for many years I was trying to fit in… until I gave up 5 years ago (even before I befriended Mike). It was sort of a tough time in my life, yet looking back that time has taught me so much – God taught me so much through those experiences. Bill talked about second chances today (and Jim Foreman wrote about it a few weeks ago) and as I was thinking what to write in the comments I realized that I do not want to turn a page. What I need is a horizontal line that would separate the previous experiences from the life these days, yet I want them to be on the same page – I don’t want to forget what I have learned and make the same mistakes.

5 years ago I finally came in terms with being a misfit and accepted it as a fact.

God has created us that way for a reason and I guess as soon as we finally accept that, we can start to enjoy who we are and that also will let God use us in a way that He planned. If a hammer will pretend to be a screwdriver, it won’t be possible to use it neither as a hammer (as it was made to be) nor as a screwdriver (like it pretends to be). The result? The hammer will be useless until it finally admits that it’s a hammer.

Have you ever consciously pretended to be someone else? Who and why?

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