[make your voice heard: input needed]

[make your voice heard: input needed]

Today at the youth group, we started an interesting discussion (after the main part of the youth group… we were just sitting and chatting about stuff).

I was planning on writing my thoughts, but now that I all of a sudden got a headache and therefore thinking about calling it a night, I decided to ask you the question.

Discussion is as always welcome (and VERY encouraged). I shall add my opinion tomorrow.


Imagine you’re a pastor (although, I suspect that many readers here won’t need to imagine since they are pastors) and you have been asked to conduct a wedding ceremony.

The hitch? Neither of the couple goes to church – one of them used to go to Sunday School, yet doesn’t anymore.

Would you marry them?

If yes, why? If not, why? What are some questions that you would ask them?

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