[i deserve…?]

[i deserve…?]

When I am listening to music on my iPod / laptop, I go through the cycles of listening to one band one day, then another band another day… Today was the turn of Third Day (which I can listen to quite often because of the meaning in their songs)…

One of my favorite songs has always been I Deserve?… However… to be honest, only today I have realized the true meaning of the lyrics. Guess I didn’t listen too closely (and although I know English, when I listen to music, I switch my thinking to other matters most of the time, and don’t really listen to lyrics unless something triggers my attention)…

Once I have read the lyrics and REALLY listened to the song, I have realized why I loved it in the first place. On some subconscious level, I related to that song so much…

Maybe I’m just being too hard on myself, I don’t know, or is it that your mercy is much more than I deserve?

Betrayed by more than just a kiss I did much more, I must admit. Instead of letting it all end You bring new hope.

His mercy is so way much more than I deserve. And yet, His mercy renews every morning.

We serve a truly amazing God.

*Closes eyes and grins with content*

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