Okay, *breathing in, breathing out.* Hold me somebody, because this is just way over the board…

I stumbled upon the link over at Jason Boyett’s blog and went to check out the products on the website myself…

The products? They are called “Looking Good for Jesus.”

The purpose? “Look your Sunday best! Guaranteed to help you be worthy and get noticed by the King of Kings.”

Bubble bath, sparkling hand-cream, and lip balm? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

I honestly have no comments. I am shocked. Obviously they misinterpreted Mary Magdalene’s interest in Jesus.

After something like this, Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code seems like a child’s toy…

EDIT: After looking through that website for a bit, I realized that their specialty is all kinds of spoofs etc… So this was sort of a joke… Yet… If the product is still in the stores, then I guess people are buying it.

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