[tmt: trail mix thursday]

[tmt: trail mix thursday]

Too many thoughts in my head and they are rambling up a storm. It was an odd day (a good one). Seems like I have caught the Jesus Christ Superstar bug again – listened to it three times today. *Shrug* I guess that can be classified as weird.

Because I cannot sort my own thoughts, I thought I’d share the love and links to the posts by my friends that I liked.

In no particular order…

Arroganceby Dusty Rayburn – this was a 2×4… definitely something to think about and to keep in mind.

Triple Gainer For Godby Michael Perkins – learning child-like faith and trusting Him.

Relevance???by Bill Grandi – what is a relevant Church and trying to balance being relevant and not yet worldly.

Being Used by Godby Jim Foreman – how God can use us in ways we don’t even expect.

Martian Love and Alien Pick-Up Linesby James Brett Harrison – not the most serious post by him, but I love his sense of humor. Check out his other posts – there are a lot of thought-provoking ones.

A divided Church, purity or pride?by David Hayes – I see the trend in the blogs that I am reading and mostly it deals with the modern Church… the Church that is struggling to become what God wants it to be… and when I say, Church, I mean people who truly try to be the followers of His teachings.

Let me introduce to my new friend Angerby Michelle Buck – what I love about Michelle is the honesty. Faced with the situation one would not wish upon an enemy even… she still remains an encouragement to me… because I am not sure what I would do were I to find myself in her shoes.

The bed’s too big without you – I have shared the video about Zac Smith here, but this is his blog and his wife writing some of her reflections as well as posting some of Zac’s thoughts (“I’m Glad Jesus Didn’t Say…”)… If I will ever face a situation like Zac’s, I want to be just as strong and wise.

Hope you’ll enjoy those amazing writings as much as I did.

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