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Zee Gimon

I am Zee. I call myself the Observer because that's what I find myself doing most of the time - observe life and people around me. My blog is a Pensieve, similar to that of Dumbledore, used to keep the thoughts and random ideas that visit my brain.

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  • After being gone all day (you know why) I came on this. My first thought is that I will pray for you. I do anyway but this will give me something specific. I will have to reread the post slower to get a better handle on it. Sorry no words of divine or human wisdom coming out of my fingers right now. Just remember you are loved.

  • Things can take a really crazy turn. Hang in there.

    I know that's useless advice, but hey, I could quote Romans 8:28 and belittle you for not properly trusting God as a REAL Christian would do, and other REALLY insulting, counterproductive, and basically untrue things… ๐Ÿ™‚ (Not that Romans 8:28 is untrue, but dadjim, I can't figure out how it works into this mess I call MY life, so I sure have no right to tell you to apply it to yours when I can't even reconcile it myself!)

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ i think i got lost in the second part of your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

      but yeah, I am hanging in there. after all, there should be something i can learn through this experience… even if i would hate it in the meantime ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Some peeps would say that since everything works out good for Christians (based on R8:28), that we should just trust God and not question anything. If we don't fully trust God, they would claim, then we're not very good Christians.

        I do believe R8:28, but any insistent that it means everything will work out wonderful in a few days is met with extreme skepticism on my part.

        I do also believe that God is in charge and has some reason for this for you, but that doesn't mean that you're ever going to know that reason. We do have to trust God but sometimes that means trusting Him when things DON'T turn out so wonderfully.

        I don't say that to discourage, but I know it sounds that way. Sorry. I don't have it figured out by a long shot.

        • ๐Ÿ™‚ gotcha. yeah, after i have read your comment a couple of times, i realized what you meant, but thanks for clarifying ๐Ÿ™‚

          to be honest, i don't have any trouble of trusting God with this situation. i mean… i know he knows what will happen, so… yeah.

          but i REALLY have big issues with people who keep saying that the troubles in our lives (or Plan Bs) arise from the lack of faith. ooooooh, don't even get me started there… so i hear ya.

  • I can relate to this Zee. You want to do the right thing, but you feel like giving up control of the thing you are good at means its the wrong thing. I feel that way currently with my mom's ministry too. I know so much about it and yet I have to hand it over to incompetents. It's not the exact same thing, but I can relate. It's an issue of trust. I don't trust other people. But for some reason God is ordaining this moment for you to do something else. Sometimes its ok to fight things when its wrong or unjust and God puts that in us because He uses us for that moment in time to bring about his plan. Other times, we need to go with the flow. I'm not sure what end you are on right now. For me, I have to give up the need to control things and have them done my way. It's arrogant of me to think I'm better than God (not saying you are thinking that…just using my own experiences). Anyway, I feel for you. (((HUGS))) Gotta give some love back since you've been so great about helping me out. Love ya. Hang in there ๐Ÿ™‚
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    • giving up control of the thing you are good at means its the wrong thing – mmm hmmm… after thinking about this issue for all day yesterday and today, i came to a conclusion that i am simply scared witless of messing up the project… since i have never done it before. soooooooooo…. we'll see where this goes.

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