[i see you]

[i see you]

I do not think I’d be wrong if I say that every single one of us at one time or another tried to do something secretly just so that no one would know.

We were lying in wait for our parents to look away so that we could sneak another cookie.

We waited for them to turn their back to us for just one second and we could draw a little doodle on the wall…

And if our parents leave us home alone – oooooooh, they have just asked for trouble.

You know what I am talking about.

Maybe it did not involve major accidents, but there are things we do that we don’t want anyone else to see.

I am reading Jeremiah these days. I can relate to the feelings of that young guy. Thankfully, my circumstances are a lot better than his… in the most part, anyway. One of the books that I am reading (yeah, I am reading a few books at the same time usually… I love reading… There should be RA meetings – Readers Anonymous – for people like me), the Practical Workbook for a Depressed Christian, has exercises in the end of each chapter. One of the exercises said that during these tough times, sometimes it is wiser to read something that doesn’t talk a lot about spiritual things (like NT), but read more of OT that talks about history and what was going on. As soon as I have read that task, I thought “Jeremiah.” So… here we are.

“‘Get smart! Your leaders are handing you a pack of lies, and you’re swallowing them! Use your heads! Do you think you can rob and murder, have sex with the neighborhood wives, tell lies nonstop, worship the local gods, and buy every novel religious commodity on the market—and then march into this Temple, set apart for my worship, and say, “We’re safe!” thinking that the place itself gives you a license to go on with all this outrageous sacrilege? A cave full of criminals! Do you think you can turn this Temple, set apart for my worship, into something like that? Well, think again. I’ve got eyes in my head. I can see what’s going on.'” God’s Decree!

Jeremiah 7:8-11, MSG

There were a couple of things that jumped out at me.

First was aligned with the Perry Noble video I have posted yesterday. It is eerily astounding how many people think that if they show up in Church on Christmas and Easter, they would get to Heaven. Oh, and those who go to Church every Sunday – they SURE are getting to Heaven! I mean, they go to Church! *SARCASM SIGN*

Seriously. 83% of Ukrainians (and there are 46,000,000 people here, so 83% is 38,180,000 people) reply that they are Christians when asked about their religion. Oh really?

The way Eugene Peterson interpreted that verse, “We’re safe” reminds me of kids who play tag or some other game and then (at least over here we got that thing) whenever one gets tired or knows that he’s gonna get caught soon, s/he puts her / his hands together like a roof above their head and says “I’m in the house” basically meaning that “I’m safe, you cannot touch me.” For adults, that is not a way out because we realize that just because we say “We’re safe,” it doesn’t mean it necessarily. Sometimes we say it for others to hear. Often we try to believe those words ourselves because we know that we’re gonna get caught soon.

And the other thing that caught my attention was that phrase, “I’ve got eyes in my head. I can see what’s going on.” I can SOOOO hear my mom’s or my grandma’s voice saying these very words! “Zena, I see what you are trying to do.” Thankfully, my cat is the object of such words now – whenever she tries to get somewhere where she knows she shouldn’t be, she hears those words… “Liz, I see where you are. I have eyes, even if I appear not to be looking at you directly.” It’s funny to watch how she reacts (Yeah, I don’t have kids yet, so I observe my cat)… She freezes in the movement, then slowly puts her paw back, sits down and acts absolutely innocent. “What? Who? Me? Oh, I am just sitting here washing my paws. Oh, look, I’ve got a tail!”

But seriously… If we all have tried to hide from our very visible parents, how often do we try to hide from invisible God? How often we assume that “Well, I cannot see anyone therefore there isn’t anyone”?

A fellow blogger, Michael D. Perkins had written a blog post once called “Going to the Restroom Alone” – the discussion took a hilarious turn, but the message was very good. He talked about how God is with us all the time.

Most of the time, that’s good news… until we try to hide something. And then, God’s omnipresence might become a stumbling block for us.

Nonetheless, it is far better to stumble upon God’s omnipresence and realize that He’s with us all the time and He longs to help us rather than stumble upon something bad and never get up again.

I know it was a rambling post, but yeah. Just wanted to share what jumped at me during my Bible-reading time.

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