[picking up pieces]

[picking up pieces]

I read whenever I get time and most of my reading is done when I am going to / from work. Once I come to work, the book usually ends up on the table, and some of the books were good conversation starters. Just like today…

I am reading Plan B (like i already mentioned in almost every post…) and today it was its turn to be on the table. It’s not something I do on purpose, I just don’t want to put it in my backpack because who knows – maybe I will get 5 free minutes to read?

One friend of mine already asked if she could borrow the book when I will be done with it. I said sure, because it’s one of those books that is meant to be shared for the wisdom there is real.

Another friend (who claims he’s an atheist and sometimes teases me when I mention Church) looked at the book…

“Where’s Plan A?”


He looked at me as if Plans A always work out. “So what’s the book about?”

I nodded at the book, “Well, it pretty much states it clearly up top. What do you do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought He would?”

He looked puzzled, so I summed it, “Basically, what to do when everything is falling out of hands.”

“I know what you do!” he grinned.

Now it was my turn to look puzzled because I did not know where he was going with that statement.

“You start picking up the pieces!”

I smiled, “Yeah, or just sit down right there, next to the fallen things.”

He grinned and walked over to his desk.

I sat there, gazing at the green Plan B and thought…

Seriously… How often we sit down next to our “things” and refuse to move? How often do we start picking up pieces of a shattered dream and don’t even see that He has prepared something else for us?

When we face the choice… Worship Him in spite of the circumstances, in pain, yet with Him, or abandon Him and remain right there, rooted to the spot, feeling as fractured as our dreams…

And have to confess… I spend a lot of time trying to balance those two when, in truth, those two choices aren’t meant to be balanced. It’s one or the other. Or can it be both?

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