[Perry Noble and Well-Wishers]

[Perry Noble and Well-Wishers]

I just *had* to share this video.

Maybe yes, I do not agree with a couple of points Perry makes (like visiting people in the hospital – but then, I’m guessing his Church is quite big, so it would take a lot of time), but he does make a few very good points – like knowing the pastor would not get you to heaven…

And it is amazing how some people don’t get sarcasm at all. There seriously should be made a sign that says “SARCASM.”

When watching, read the comments. They are hilarious – talk about Christian cliches.

What do you think about that video?

  • Zee: I am not a Perry Noble fan so I really had to set aside my preconceived ideas first. I realize he is using sarcasm here. I don't know how he really functions as a pastor. When I first started as a pastor (over 35 years ago) many of my colleagues did sacrifice their families on the altar of "their" church. Today's younger pastors are swinging the pendulum the other way and often pushing aside ministry with the church for their family. That is both good and bad (too much to go into right now). I detest the use of the "talk" on the video and the others I observed afterward. Agree or disagree I don't think it solves anything. I could make a comment about the attitude displayed but prefer not to. so…now that I have gone around Robin Hood's barn, did I answer your question? šŸ™‚

    • i am not his fan,found out about him only today just about an hour before i posted the video above… but i have to admit that i found him oddly refreshing. i hear ya about the pendulum's extremes and am all hands up for the balance, but he does have some truth in his words…. reminds me of our ex youth pastor (he's sort of in between right now, we are not sure whether he's in or not… but he still sometimes preaches on Sundays)…

      preachers / pastors like this i tend to listen and glean the knowledge from them… something i've learned in life – you can learn from anything, if you have the desire to… and open eyes and mind… there's a russian saying (i think there's similar in english, too) – "take everything with a pinch of salt" – i.e. don't blindly accept something you've fed, but learn from everything, good or bad.

      thanks for stopping by šŸ˜‰

      • Hey Zee; just got back to this post and saw your response. I reckon I came across as maybe, shall we say…hiding criticism? I certainly didn't mean it that way. I used to read his blog every time he posted but he never allows for response so I finally quit. There was other reasons as well but let that stand. When I use the word "fan" I didn't mean that you were a "groupie-type." He and I see ministry and church leadership somewhat differently so I simply stopped reading so as to not feel "edgier." Perry and New Spring are doing something right but his style is not mine. Maybe that explains it best. I too believe i can learn from something and have learned to "take things with a grain of salt" (the American saying) šŸ™‚ Clearer?

  • I don't have a problem with the fact that Perry – or any other megachurch pastor – can't personally attend to the needs of each member.

    What I DO have a problem with is his attitude of being a butthole about it. He doesn't buy himself much grace in the watchdog world by being such an obnoxious dweeb. Yeah, that's just his "style", but it doesn't come across as being influenced by the attitude of Christ. His response to that, though, is that "Jesus was rough on the church of his day". No, Jesus was rough on the hypocritical groups that "led" the church. Not the church.

    I appreciate what Perry and NS do. I've followed them a long time. I've actually had a telephone conversation with Lee McDerment and he is a surprisingly nice guy. Didn't know me from Adam, but gave me his cell phone number and invited me to call him to talk about church related difficulties. They're not bad people, and these watchdog crowds spend way too much time trying to tear them down. But neither do I think they are perfect. They have policies in place that I firmly believe are just wrong.

    Listen to the sermons in the proper context, and the picture is very different from what the "Anti-Purpose-Driven" crowd presents. The people I know from NewSpring are good Christian people. It's a HUGE church, primarily based in a fairly small redneck town in South Carolina, but they are serious promoters of loving the people around you without being stiffnecked and formal, and they do a great job of ministering to a certain type of people that otherwise would avoid church like the pox.

    Overall, I like what they do even though I can definitely find some bones to pick in a loving way. šŸ™‚

    • Overall, I like what they do even though I can definitely find some bones to pick in a loving way – i guess we can do it with almost every Church – as people we're never gonna be 100% perfect (and even then someone might criticize us for being way too holy and perfect!), but the main thing is to do it in LOVE, just like you said.

      like i said in the comment above, there's always something to learn – whether something to do or something that we probably should refrain from doing šŸ™‚

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  • Raquel

    Sarcasm in regards to not visiting the hospital and knowing the pastor? He said he was completely serious several times throughout that sermon, even when the congregation laughed, probably to ease the tension.

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