[pointless post: the battle continues]

[pointless post: the battle continues]

Eh… yeah. On one hand I feel bad for complaining all the time, on the other I… I don’t know.

I cannot say that life sucks. It is very good and I am very blessed. I got God, my mom, my cat, my family, my friends, my job, my Church… Lots of ongoing interesting projects.

Yet something is wrong. I cannot even pinpoint it.

Been reading Plan B for a few days now. I love the book, but Pete talks about people who have faced difficulties in their lives, such as losing someone dear to them or having financial problems, or something of that magnitude.

I don’t have any of those problems. (Some of you are probably reading this and thinking “So what is her problem?”)

The answer: I do not know.

I guess I am a bit overwhelmed with the projects I am involved in. I got three websites to maintain at work (plus another one that will be added soon), lots of e-publications (thankfully, I am done with redesigning them – thank God for inspiration, finally); at Church I am on Church board, in a worship team, maintaining a website (which is right now in development stage, so it requires a lot of work), and I am the CIS Field Communications Coordinator… A few other random projects for my friend’s ministry.

All those projects / jobs are great. I enjoy them, but…

All those projects / jobs are in communications area. Being an introvert, that is a bit too much to be involved in. Yes, I know that I am the one who knows languages and knows websites and stuff…

Anyway. I am going to finish this pointless post and go read some more of Plan B.

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