[venting and gentle reminders]

[venting and gentle reminders]

Warning: I need to vent.

The day itself was okay. A typical Friday at the Chamber: trying to do all the things that you haven’t finished so you can sleep peacefully during the weekend. Good thing: I usually manage to do everything I need. Bad thing: before I can finish my job (for ex., sending Chamber e-publications), I need my boss’ approval. Or one of the managers, but they usually bail out and point to Jorge. So back to square 1 – I need his approval. Coincidentally, Friday is also his meetings’ day. You can add two plus two. Most of the Fridays I sit in front of my computer, checking my work e-mail, and thinking what else I can do in the meantime while I am waiting for the approval.

So that did not bother me as much today (although not being on time bugs me). What did bug me was the… *sigh* I am tempted to say stupidity, but then who am I to judge. It bugs me that I allow certain people get under my skin and make me mad. It bugs me that I sometimes have hard time with being patient. The last thing I want is to have another fight (yeah, there were a couple of yell-matches because I lost my temper). Not because I would get into trouble (I won’t), but because I don’t want to deal with re-establishing the relationships.

Like a Russian saying goes, “How do you relax? – I don’t strain.” I avoid re-establishing relationships by trying hard not to break them in the first place.

But once again, after trying to explain why the SharePoint (a Microsoft program, just FYI) and the Chamber website is NOT the same thing for 10 minutes (with the answer from another party being “Yes, we know, but still, why do you need two passwords?”), the only way out for me (besides banging my head on the wall) was to escape to the closet which I did – my friends were cleaning it and so I helped. Cleaning helps me calm down.

Ilona (the conflict starter) came to the closet as well and asked Nadya (my admin manager) why the SharePoint and the website isn’t the same thing and who comes up with the passwords. I busied myself with something in the closet, while Nadya patiently explained to Ilona once again that those are completely different entities, and my friend Anya rolled her eyes…

When I finally calmed down and emerged from the closet, Olya, our communications team manager, jokingly suggested that I should write a Manual. I retorted by saying that I already did. No one read it. Why the heck did I spend 2 days making it idiot-proof and interesting enough to read and enjoy, only to have those people who USE the SharePoint most of the time not even bother reading those 5 pages. (At least Microsoft guys enjoyed my creativity with Word 2007)…

Then I found out that mom, instead of coming tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, is coming early in the morning. I miss her a lot and I am happy that she is coming back, but I was planning on cleaning the apartment and cooking something tomorrow before they arrive. Instead, I had to get all the stuff done today.

That’s when God decided that I needed a bit of cheer up. As I walked home from the store (it’s only 15 minutes from my place), a drizzling rain started. Since I was at the point when I could care less, or to quote Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries, “I am invisible and I am wet,” I looked up to the skies and smiled a weary smile, thanking Him for the beautiful clouds. As I turned to cross the street, I looked to the right and there it was.

A rainbow.

Bright and colorful, it dyed the storm clouds, transforming them from gloomy to cheerful.

I had to grin.

The thing that I thought of when I saw that rainbow was the rain that just went by me. Without the rain, there wouldn’t be a rainbow.

Although usually the rainbows don’t have long lives, this one stayed on the sky with me all the way to my home.

Ah, I love those reminders.

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