[balance: children & adults]

[balance: children & adults]

I was thinking… (and that’s usually not a good thing)…

Jesus said that we should have faith like children. But at the same time, Paul says in first letter to Corinthians 13:11,

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.

On one hand, Jesus’ disciples (and later, the leaders of the Church) were simple men. I believe that most of them were not even really educated (unless you count learning how to fish). They were like “kids.”

On the other hand, today a person cannot become a pastor without a proper training / studying. We require our pastors to be “adults.”

Is that just a whim or there is a way to reconcile those two “hands”?

The only answer that I’ve got out of my thinking was that the disciples knew Jesus personally and so they in a way had their 3-year seminary following Him. Today, however, people don’t get to hang out with Jesus (physically, i don’t mean spiritually) that long and there are way too many weird teachings that have spread out and around, and one needs to know how to separate the lies from the Truth.

Any other ideas?

Can a person, who claims to have personal relationship with God, become a pastor without special training / school / seminary?

Or am I complicating something that is way simpler than I made it in my head?

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