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[social media]

I know I wrote about it already, but this point still keeps popping up again and again.

I don’t get it.

The reason why I have thought of it today was the article on Stuff Christians Like (SCL) about Social Media Sermon Pause.


Something about pastors and conference speakers that I have discovered recently.

They are doing “social media sermon pauses.”

What’s that?

That’s where you say some line, some sort of bombshell bit of insight and then you pause, so that people in the audience can type it into their iPhones for Twitter or use it as their Facebook profiles.

Jon Acuff, SCL

Seriously. People.


*At complete loss for words*

  • We are a sound bite world…. are we not?

    I think one of our biggest fallacies in the church 'world' is thinking our words are inspired instead of His.
    My recent post Jesus Paradox

    • yah, shorter and shorter… although sometimes saying one laconic sentence is a lot better than talking someone's ears off for an hour, but… i guess with all my love for technology and new things, i am pretty conservative and oppose changes. at least when they take away the meaning and make everything "sound-bitish"

      like i said, it may be only my opinion. i am not claiming i am the one who knows it all.

      but that twittering in the middle of the service DRIVES ME UP THE WALL! *sigh*

      • yeah!!! why don't they just take notes like the rest of us 🙂
        My recent post Jesus Paradox

        • 😛 when you're taking notes, you don't get distracted by all the other doodles you got there…

          • I really hope that there aren't pastors who are pausing to let people tweet what they are saying. That just seems.. so … gross.
            My recent post Jesus Paradox

  • zee, i realize i'm living outside the u.s. and asking someone else who lives outside the u.s… maybe the blind leading the blind. but do you know if that's really true? or is it exaggeration and satire?

    • well, from what i keep seeing over and over, a lot of people i know actually do twitter everything… and often it's a thought from sermon or something. like i said before in my previous post regarding this, time in Church should be time with God and Him alone. you don't stop in the middle of the quiet time of devotions to twitter something. it makes everything cheap and distractive. i don't know, that's my IMHO.

      i know that Jon likes to exaggerate and use satire, but we have a saying, "every joke has a part of joke in it." meaning that the jokes are based on something.


  • I don't do the "SMSP" – but, I don't have a problem with people tweeting / "facebooking" / browsing during my preaching. People manage and react to information they receive a lot differently than when I was growing up. People are more digitally social than ever before – why do I want them to change who they are just because it's my time to preach? As long as they are hearing, and allowing God to transform them, tweet away 🙂 It's silent and only distracts you if you look for it. That being said, making a voice call during the service would still be inappropriate for sure. MHO.

    • i guess i sort of agree.

      i just… that "digital socialness" scares me. yeah, i do have a blog and i have FB and *gasp* Twitter… but… eh. i don't know. it bothers me.

  • There are always going to be misuses of God's gifts (I believe technological advancement is a gift from God – part of His continuously creative nature. It's good to be wary so that we guard against misuse.

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