[the gift is here…]

[the gift is here…]

The gift is here and one giddy girl I am.

A perfect ending for a good day.

I don’t usually check the mailbox (the actual hard-copy one) and I rarely answer the land-line phone at home because the people who want to talk to me call me on my cell phone.

I was in bed with Jacy-the-Laptop and Liz-the-Cat, when the phone rang. There is no one home except me and my cat, and the phone ringing at 10:40PM? I already talked to mom today and no one else would call me.

I let it ring for a bit, but then thought that “What if something has happened?” So I stumbled over my bed to the phone in the hall.


“Hi, it’s Lida, your neighbor. I saw the post office lady today and she said that there’s something in the mailbox for you.”

I thanked my neighbor with a grin on my face. YEAH! The book has arrived!

Without missing a beat, I changed into more presentable clothes (walking to pick up the mail in our apartment, wearing the PJs would not be a good idea…), put on slippers… and realized that I have no idea where the key from the mailbox is.

Some may consider it silly, but other than God helping me find a tiny key in my apartment (which was without any key rings or anything), there’s no explanation. I found it in 2 seconds… in a place where I did not remember putting it.

A short journey down to the first floor and back to the eighth, I now have the Plan B by Pete Wilson, thanks to Bill 😉

The temptation to read through half of it right now is enormous, but one chapter will have to be enough. Better read it on the way to work tomorrow.

A perfect ending for a good day.

And to think about it, I could’ve missed the ending if I didn’t pick up the phone.

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