[the shepherd and the sheep]

[the shepherd and the sheep]

On Friday, a good friend of mine shared something that made me laugh at first, but then when I thought about it, it actually made quite a lot of sense.

The sheep and the shepherd. This example is used in the Bible so many times! David was the one who started the “tradition,” Jesus continued it, and the disciples picked it up.

The pastor of the Church is usually considered a shepherd. The people in Church are sheep. (Nothing personal here, just stating the illustration basis.)

The people in Church usually tend to look at the pastor for all the answers. I know I do. Sometimes it is all too easy to forget that the pastor is not God with all the knowledge. But this is not the point here…

With all the talk about the need to evangelize people and everything, the natural reaction is also to look at the pastor. However, this is where the quote from my friend comes in (and keep in mind he was speaking to a group of leaders of the Churches as well as pastors, and he does not really mince the words):

“The pastor is the shepherd. People are the sheep. The shepherd’s role is to take care of the sheep. It is the sheep that multiply… and a lot of the sheep in the Church are seemingly sterile.”

Of course it does not mean that the pastor can just say “Well, go and evangelize, while I stay here and take care of the sheep we got already.” As a Christian, his / her life will still be an evangelism tool as well as the words, but… it is sheep who multiply.

What do you think about this? I know a few pastors read my blog – I want to hear your thoughts. But even more, I want to hear the thoughts of the people who are not pastors.


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