[continued: offense or defense]

[continued: offense or defense]

Earlier today I have asked a question based on an overheard conversation.

Thanks for the feedback y’all 🙂 You guys brought up some good points.

I was thinking about what to write and besides the Ephesians 6, something else came to mind.

The world always calls for offense. Push harder! Study better! Learn more, do more, attack, grasp, snatch, more, harder, stronger! I have even heard a sermon once (granted, I was watching a Christian TV channel for the fun of it… That’s what I do when I am really bored and there’s nothing else on TV) that talked about “The world would not give anything to you, so you have to grab whatever you want.” It was one of those “Prosperity Theology” sermons which I cannot stand.

Put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.

Ephesians 6:13, NLT

Resist the enemy… NOT attack the enemy. Resist him.

They can’t beat you if they can’t score on you.

Tony York

That sure is true. Very often I heard Christians being accused of being meek and weak. Maybe we are weak, but we got God’s power in us that shows best in our worst weaknesses, and if we got His power, then who can be against us?

All I am saying… I guess I often view myself as not initiative enough, but I think I’d rather get my defense figured out and then worry about the offense. I was thinking of my job and how it found me instead of me looking for it… I am not a person who would be the next John the Baptist, a voice crying in the desert. To be honest, I don’t want to be… Is that okay? I don’t like offense, I am better with defense.

(Hmm… just realized… when we were playing table soccer with people from the youth group or real soccer with kiddos from the orphanage, I always was the defense… Just a silly coincidence? Or the fact that I am a protector instead of a attacker? Dunno.)

Thoughts / Comments / Questions?

  • I am not aggressive either. I am with you on this one. Also, hate prosperity preachers. I'd like to reach through the TV and poke their eyes out. Wow, I guess that makes aggressive. LOL
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  • Often when we think of defense, we think of back-pedaling and just trying to limit the number of wounds we receive… The armor of God is there to protect us when we maintain it properly and dwell in it, but I do not see us needing to back down or trying to limit our wounds.

    Part of the armor of God is the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. In combat, both sides wear armor, and often the armor amounts to the larger part of their inventory…but they are also equipped with a weapon in order to complete their task. Our task is to share God's love and the salvation from sin which can be found through Christ Jesus. Our weapon is God's word. Jesus in John 1 is defined as being the Word of God. Who can stand against Him.

    Assuming a strictly defensive posture would have us hiding in our Spiritual foxholes dwelling on the glorious riches of God while Satan roamed unopposed claiming the lives of the lost. We are not told to hide, we are commanded to go and love, to share the truth of the Gospel, to not cower in the face of the enemy but stand in righteousness.

    Should we be on the offense or defense? My thought is that we should be on the offense of Christ's love while equipped with His powerful defense.

    Sorry for the long comment.
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    • thanks for the thoughts, Dusty! I don't mind long comments (since i like to write 'em too! :))

      heh… i guess, like in any team, there are people who are great at going and "offensing" and there are people who are good at "defensing"…. IMHO.

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