[another trip to kids’ place]

[another trip to kids’ place]

Yesterday I had a privilege to join my former university teacher (and now a good friend) and a few fellow students and go to the orphanage. Because of my moody weekend, I was reluctant till the very end whether or not to go. I did not want to spoil their fun time with my mood. However, I figured that I would send a text message to Perry asking whether there is still a place in the van for me. Secretly, I somewhat wished that he would tell me “Sorry, no place left.”

Ha. “Yes, there is still place.”

Partly excited about the trip, partly worried (sorry, Bill, I cheated on Worry-Free week challenge), I made my mind to enjoy whatever comes our way. One of the reasons I really wanted to go this time was because a few kids are graduating high school this year and therefore leaving the orphanage. I wanted to see them at least one time before then.

The trip started wonderfully… We stopped at a grocery store to get munchables and food, and realized that we have a flat tire. Uh oh…

Love this picture because it seems like Perry is the one who does all the work and the guys are just looking around lazily. (They took turns, in reality)

We needed to stop at a servicing station for our tire to get fixed and an hour later we were in Boorty.

One thing we noticed right away were gorgeous flowers that kids and the teachers have planted.

I laughed when I saw Sveta… well, it was her t-shirt that made me laugh. We were twins!

As our tradition goes, we always start out our visit with FOOD. We had so much!

Then we decided to go swimming. There is a picturesque place near the village and so we loaded into the van and off we went.

This is an Orthodox Church that is located right next to the orphanage. I love the simplicity of blue domes (as opposed to gold ones)…

Nastya and Masha, having fun in the water…

I could not resist posing in front of all that beautiful scenery…

Just as we were getting ready to leave, we realized that we’re about to get ALL wet (even those who didn’t swim) because a huge cloud was moving our way. The bright sunshine and dark background made the picture look almost magical…

And just for you to “taste” Ukraine, this is what half of my country looks like… Isn’t it gorgeous?

The cows were on the pasture…

All in all, we had a total blast. I am happy that I went. And as always, I am not sure who was more blessed – the kiddos because we came, or us because of the love the kiddos shared.

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