So I was told that I am a person who “stirs up discension among brothers.”


Maybe others do view me as such troublemaker who keeps asking uncomfortable questions. Ruining the unity was the very last thing on my mind, however.

Oh well, God is my judge. I shall not make excuses for doing what I feel is right and asking questions that need to be asked.

And I shall not give up on my Church (okay, it’s His Church, but I am a part of it).

  • saw your post on FB and this too. I can relate to the being an introvert thing. People think they can judge you based on very limited knowledge about you and feel justified in doing it too. Ignore them. Some people have use the excuse "well God uses people to speak to you" and i think that is a really fine line. Really, I don't take constructive criticism well either. In fact, I rebel against it. If someone tells me I need to forgive so and so and tries to act like they are saying it on God's behalf, I want to rip their smug little heads off. But if I go to God and pray and am humbled before HIM, not men, then I am way more willing to be criticized by God because I know God's motives are always true. I don't trust people. I think they are temporal and shady and unpredictable. You can't know ones heart at all, but you can know God's, so I really don't give a crap what other people say to me. I go to the main source.
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    • I guess my weakness is just the opposite… I tend to trust people unless they do something to lose my trust. Then, my trust is hard to re-earn.

      Whenever someone tells me something, the value in their criticism is directly proportionate to how well the person knows me. if they know me well and i trust them, i will listen to their advice. When i do not know the person, listening to their advice may be tricky, but then still, if i don't know anything bad about them, i will probably trust them. and sometimes that leads me deep into the woods. oh well…

  • It's okay to ask questions. That's how we learn and grow. It's when we ask to start conflict on purpose that it becomes a problem.

    Praying for you kiddo.
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    • i try to avoid conflicts to the point when it [avoiding the conflict] becomes a problem (hmm… quite a statement, eh? haha)… that's why that assessment hurt. last thing on my agenda is for people to get hurt.

  • I am assuming this is concerning the church merger. It's better that these issues are explored now than a year from now when it could rip your church apart. Ask the tough questions, but be ever diligent to do so with an over-abundance of grace. Praying for you and your church.

    • It's better that these issues are explored now than a year from now when it could rip your church apart. – exactly my point, Herb. just want to make sure that everything is clear from the very beginning. i don't really like "surprises" or being told that "well, you didn't mention that to us before."

  • Ouch.
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  • At the beginning of this year I received a phone call while at work from the Minister of Education because 1 person out of almost 3000 had raised a question about something that I had written on my blog. I was accused of causing disunity on an opinion that I had of a book.

    I say that to say – I know what it feels like. đŸ™‚
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    • ouch… 1 out of 3,000? O_O

      opinions of books… *sigh* sore subject for me because of my love for reading…

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