[your input is valuable: peripheral issues]

[your input is valuable: peripheral issues]

Got another question for you.

I came to Church today to discover a rather hot discussion over what the Manual (Church of the Nazarene one) is all about and why we should take it into account. Observing the discussion (and sometimes inserting my 2 cents of experience – the discussion was among people same age as I so I actually could relate quite easily), it got me thinking…

Is it important to know what your Church is all about or you can settle with the fact that you are a follower of Christ and we are all Christians regardless of the denomination?

Bill (aka Cycleguy) made the issue a bit clearer… “There are peripheral issues that fall into the opinion category that I must learn to live with if I am going to “accept” others as Christ-followers.” Hence, rephrased:

Should we know what are the peripheral issues that our Church supports and why / how they came to be, or we should not worry about those and just go along with the flow?

Your opinion matters and all opinions are welcome. Discussion is welcome as well 🙂 I shall write my own thoughts on Wednesday (hopefully).

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