• Hey Zee. What is the weather like in Ukraine right now? it's raining here and cold — like 45 degrees. Some spring this is. What's your favorite season?
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    • hey MB! 🙂

      the weather is kind of blah right now. been drizzling in the morning, but now it's just cloudy and damp. it was fun yesterday though – we had seen rain from everywhere around us, literally all around the horizon, but it never rained where our office building is. the lightning show was magnificent… ah, how i love thunderstorms!

      my fav season? May-June. i know that's not a real season, but it's the time of the year that i like the most. it's not too hot and the entire summer is still ahead.

      what's yours?

  • I love May too. June here gets pretty hot. You must have some interesting weather patterns. We do here in MN. Sometimes it drives me crazy. Typically in April we get storms, rain, etc.., but this year we've had a lot of rainy cold days in May. Today was the first nice day in a while. It was nice to get outside!
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    • 🙂 it looks like it's really nice outside here too – but i guess i'll be a vegetable and just enjoy being home. that's what i hate about living in a city – to enjoy nature you gotta go away and considering that i don't drive (and don't have a car), that gets boring… no desire to mingle with people face-to-face today in public transportation… on the other hand, i might go shopping… well, i need shampoo and a couple of other things…

      decisions, decisions 😀

      hope you enjoy the wonderful weather where you live!

      • No transportation? is that by choice? Sometimes I wish I could do without a car expense. My husband has a car, but I have not had a car of my own for 4 years. so all the doctor appts, errand runs, sick kids, school stuff, etc…I always had to ask to "borrow" the car. I felt like a little girl asking her dad if it was ok if she could drive. I hated it. Finally my husband got his own car and gave me the van and I am loving it. last week we were stuck indoors all week due to the rain, cold, and icky weather. Yesterday we had to compensate, so we went for a drive and I felt much better. Being stuck inside and having no car with kids is the pits. I'm glad those days are behind me! Sometimes being inside is fun too. Can you sit outside and read? I love to do that too…but i don't get too that often.
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        • wayell, partly by choice (because you gotta be nuts to drive in Kyiv – the drivers are seriously crazy – they even drive on sidewalks. just ask those who visited my great city), partly because i don't really have the funds to get a car (there are things that are cheaper here than over in the States, but the majority of stuff is WAAAAY more expensive… it's cheaper to buy a HOUSE up in Idaho than a 1-room apartment in Kyiv)… third reason for no car is that i prefer walking. even when i was in the States, i tried to walk wherever i could (if it was in reasonable distance of course)

          sitting outside is out of question too, really, because i live in a huge apartment building, there are 9 floors and 200+ apartments. sometimes i sit on the balcony, especially during thunderstorms when i can watch the Dnieper river in the distance and the lightnings that hit it. awesome show.

          i did enjoy a walk today, however, even if it was only to a store that's 20 minutes walking from my place.
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