[Band-Aid Solutions]

[Band-Aid Solutions]

And Zee has told them a parable:

If anyone of you breaks his leg or discovers that he has cancer, would you apply a fancy Band-Aid to the hurt organ?


Are we called to be band-aids to people? Help with the hurts? Well, yeah, but why the heck we sometimes try to cover up the real wound with something that won’t help, but just hide the problem?

Or why do we pay attention to tiny sores and completely ignore the big ones?

Those are rhetoric questions, I know. But I am tired of watching the Band-Aid application process which does not bring anything.


What color is written there?

Just because we took something black and painted it yellow, our black won’t become yellow. It will remain black until we change the very substance of it. Same with


Just like with the previous example, we sometimes just see the appearance and don’t think of the meaning.

“She doesn’t want to sign that paper that would help us.”
“She does not WANT or she CANNOT?”

There is a difference. “Doesn’t want” presupposes a simple wish of a person to disagree with us. “Cannot,” on the other hand, means that the person has some reasons why the action cannot be done.

I need to sleep and rest. I cannot think anymore.

Have you ever had to deal with Band-Aid solutions?

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