[too tired]

[too tired]

Yeah, I went on retreat to get rest, but returned sick and tired. Well, the time was great but taking into account that I am an introvert (even if no one believes me), being around people for a bit too long was… tiring. However, I am extremely thankful for the quiet times that we had, like Lectio Divina on Isaiah 40:12-31.

I got at least 2 posts already in my mind, but my body screams for sleep (quietly, since I’ve got a sore throat). I’m going to the Passion Conference tomorrow and I definitely need my strength for it.

So… forgive me for leaving you for now with just a few pictures taken during the retreat.

There was a dam and these flowers grew next to it.

White and fluffy dandelions!

This next picture was taken with my pastor’s camera. Mine had a dead battery by then and so when I saw a ladybug, I asked if I can borrow his lil camera. Not sure if he knew he’s got macro setting on it 😀

More pictures at my Facebook page.

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