Wow, the research is certainly something fun to do. This recent research of mine was quite interesting because it brought out so many interesting facts about the people I know (both in real life and online). And the answers I have anticipated were quite far from the answers that I’ve got.

On one hand, it would be so cool to have all those powers – being able to fly (that was actually the most popular Superman’s power among the people I have asked), to be invincible, to catch bullets with one’s hand, and to have the power to save people… AWESOME. That’s what every kid would say.

On the other hand, because most of the people I have asked were adults, the answers were more rational and based on reason. The responsibility came into view and no one really wanted that kind of weight upon their shoulders.

I was watching Smallville the other day and I felt really sorry for Clark. Although I am far behind on powers’ supply, I can so relate to being a misfit. And also, being a girl with a “Fix the Problem” complex, I really wonder sometimes how Clark managed to live with the fact that he could not save everyone.

That brought a few thoughts to my mind.

We do not have to save the world.

Now, before you start telling me that we have to tell the world about Jesus… Yeah. We gotta sow the seeds, yet we cannot save the people. We cannot even save ourselves! Thankfully, we aren’t required to do that.

We have been given a great power.

Like Dusty already pointed out in one of the comments in the previous post, we have a great power: the power of Love.

Love is a powerful thing. It can change lives. It can save lives. It can restore back to life. It was love that brought Jesus to our land. It was love He died for.

And like I often point out, whenever people tell me that Harry Potter is a complete rubbish of a book… The only reason Harry lived was because Harry’s mother sacrificed herself… and the power of her love was the ultimate protection for Harry during all those 7 long years at Hogwarts. It was the power of love that helped him make the right decision instead of the easier one, even if the right choice included getting hurt in the process. His main priority were those who surrounded him, his friends.

This world is not our home.

Clark Kent felt like a misfit because he was from another world, a world of different rules and life. We are from another world as well. Sometimes we try to fit into the world around us, fail at that, and end up kicking and screaming because we can’t do it.

Of course we can’t. We were not meant to fit in here. (Listen to your own words, Zee…)

We were created to fly.

A friend of mine, Mike, when I asked him whether he ever wanted to be a Superman, said “I always wanted to fly, but just for sake of freedom.”

Our bodies present us with tons of limitations. Our spirits want to soar and we can’t, only in our dreams. But once in a while, we get a glimpse of how wonderful it is to be truly FREE.

We have a hero.

Or, I should say, THE Hero, the real Superman, who indeed saved the entire world.

What other thoughts come to your mind?

Thank you all those who took time and commented on the previous post (and those who took time to answer me in person).

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