[your input would be valuable…]

[your input would be valuable…]

Got a couple of questions for y’all. I just felt like doing some research prior to posting the thoughts that came to my mind the other week.

Have you ever wanted to be a Superman?

I mean, like in the movies… Superman, Smallville, Heroes… Someone with great powers like flying, reading thoughts, running faster than lightning, having X-Ray vision, etc. Someone who can save lives…

Why? Why not?

If you could choose ONE super power, what would it be?

  • Healing – that is the one "super-power" that I wish I had above all else. So many people who are close to me need physical and emotional healing.

    • So…I was gonna say climb on walls like spider-man until I read Herb's reply. So I would say that mine would be the ability to speak with more power. When I open my mouth lives would be changed. Not because of me, but because of Him.

      • haha. well, i can easily imagine you teaching Ethan how to properly climb the walls in a "spidermanly" manner 😀

    • healing would be a great power to have indeed because the world around us is hurting…

  • I always liked MacGyver's ability to solve problems with his mind. is that a super power? Well, it is for me. 🙂 Other than that…Spiderman was always my favorite but i am stumped as to what I would really want. sorry I know I am no help at all. 😀

    • solve problems with his mind? what do you mean? (…how else can you solve 'em?) 🙂

      well, if you can't decide which powers exactly you would want… would you want to just have special powers that no one else have?

      (i like Spiderman too… and Christian Bale as Batman 😀 )

      • ha ha ha Zee…"how else can you solve 'em"..so true. You might be able to solve them with your cunning good looks???

        • nah, then i'd get used to using the good looks and what will happen when i grow old? 😀 i think i'll stick with good ol' mind power 😀

  • Ok…I do not look good in tights… Why oh why is it a requirement for Superheroes to be wearing tights for the most part…

    X-Ray vision…let's not go there…

    Ok one TV based super power – Flying.

    Don't forget, we have one of the greatest Super Powers ever… LOVE.

    • LOL. i actually laughed out loud when i read your comment on my way home in a bus. makes me think of Robin Hood: Men in Tights 😀

      seems like flying allures everyone. almost every person i have talked to about this have wanted to fly.

      AMEN to the greatest super power Love!

      (heh, whenever someone tries to tell me that there's nothing you can learn from Harry Potter, this is the thing that comes to mind – his greatest power was love – his love for his friends and also the sacrificial love of his mother that was exactly the reason why Voldemort couldn't destroy Harry no matter how hard he tried… not sure if the movies really convey that point as clearly as the books do… but yeah, these were just rambling thoughts)

  • I always wanted to be…..don't laugh…Wonder Woman. Who wouldn't though? She could kick butt as good as any man. She looked hot in her outfit. She was beautiful. She flew an invisible jet! She has a lasso of truth, so no one will lie when they are confronted with it. Not that I believe there are real greek gods, but she possessed all the powers of Hermes and Athena. She also had those rocking bracelets that were indestructible. Bullets could not go through them. she had the power of telepathy and could speak all languages. Seriously, she had it all! I think I liked her invisible jet the best.

    • I so relate to that! although, i always wanted to be Duncan McLeod – the Highlander… he was strong, noble, and he was born in 1592 in the highlands of Scotland… ah. the hero of my childhood.

      also i love watching Xena: The Warrior Princess. love her nobleness, her agility, her skills with chakram, the sword… and of course the fact that we share a name helps as well 😀 (even though i spell my name with Z and not X) 😀 this parallel is quite useful whenever i introduce myself to someone from the US – the name Zena is not that popular even here, but when i say "well, like Xena, the warrior princess" everyone usually exclaims, "YEAH! I know that. Wow, is that your real name?" 😀 it's fun.

  • Didn't know your name was Zena! I thought it was Zee…now I know! And yes, that show was pretty big over here…not so much anymore as it isn't on the air anymore, but still…people know who she is. Didn't Wonder Woman have a twin? I thought she had an evil twin or something…bahahahahaha. Sorry, I just cracked myself up there.

    • yeah, my full name is Zinaida, but i usually shorten it to Zena, or as i have been called for the last two years – Zee or Z. anything but the too-official Zinaida.

      we have it on TV nowadays (an umpteenth re-run, but hey, for the sake of the name and fun of watching that feisty gal deal with situations, it's worth it… even though i don't like the fact that there are too many random gods…)… just recently there was an episode about Icas and how his dad had to sacrifice him because that was required by one of the gods… and then just as the dad is about to kill his son, the voice comes from the sky that says "don't kill him." i had to laugh because it was SOOOO like the story of good ol' Abe and Isaac 😀

  • I'm realizing my post is probably not helpful…so today I don't think I'd want to be wonder woman. Who cares about an invisible jet and being indestructible? That's kind of like saying you want to be a powerful god. I always wanted to fly so I could look down on all the people…but yeah…still not a great super power. I think I like Larry Boy with the Super Suction Ears…lol. wow, still not helpful. I think I am going to agree with the first comment left here. And although I think Dusty's answer of "love" is kind of vague and safe, I have to agree that would a pretty cool gift if we loved at all times and in all circumstances. (no offense Dusty) 🙂

    • I LOVE LARRY BOY!!! he absolutely rocks! and silly songs with Larry… ah, love love love those. and VeggieTales in general… ah. i need to find 'em on youtube now and listen…

  • Not sure why but I always wanted to be Captain America.

  • hey Jim, thanks for stopping by 🙂

    Capt. America seems like a good hero to be (don't really know much about him, besides what Wikipedia offers) 🙂

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