[prayer requests]

[prayer requests]

My life finally seemed back to my cheery normal life when my friends’ lives went downhill.

Got a few prayer requests. If God will put it on your heart to pray for these needs, the prayers would be appreciated. 

{health – dad}

Found out just a couple of days ago that my dear friend (aka Dad or Daddy Steve) has medical issues. The docs aren’t sure what’s wrong yet. May be cancer or something worse. Please pray for him, his wife Debbie, and their two kids Katie and Phil. 

You can also let him know that you’re praying by leaving a comment on his blog.

{health – Lena}

She and her hubs are our family’s friends and today Lena had a surgery to get cancerous cells out… And turned out that the cancer has spread further than the doctors expected. Not good. Please pray for Lena and her hubs Nikolai. 

{place to live – Nastya}

Nastya is my assistant at work and a tremendous blessing to me – there are often days when I truly don’t know what would I do without her – she’s pretty much amazing 🙂

Anyway, she called me late night today in distress. She and two other gals are renting an apartment (they are not from Kiev originally) and today the owner of the apartment came and demanded that girls should leave in two days’ time. This is quite a short notice and Nastya is taking the day off at work to figure out the stuff and relocate… Somewhere. They haven’t found a place to stay yet. Please pray for Nastya and her roommates that they find a place to live.


Any prayer requests of your own? 

“When a believing person prays, great things happen.” 

James 5:16, NCV

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