I have mentioned today already that my head is full of random facts and figures. I love learning things and like the kid from Koontz’ Face I enjoy learning things that not a lot of people know. Just ‘cuz.

Recently I found out an interesting fact about flamingos. What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear about flamingos? I usually think of those majestic salmon-colored birds.

Do you know that flamingos are really white? Yep. The BECOME pink because of the food they consume – shrimp, in particular. For many years the zoologists were trying to figure out why flamingos lose their color when in captivity and this fact about food helped them. Now to keep flamingoes pink and fluffy, they feed them with colored food 🙂

We (followers of Christ) are EXACTLY like those birds. We were made in God’s image and His Word is our spiritual food. It makes us become “pink” – the way He created us to be. However, when we are deprived of His Word, when we get caught in the captivity of sin, we lose the pinkness, we become just plain white creatures on spindly legs.

That pinklessness is like a hole in us, emptiness… We know we are supposed to be pink, yet… We’re white. What to do? And we try to add some artificial coloring to the food we eat. It does help us become pink, but the pinkness is of a different kind – just like with artificial coloring, our outside color is artificial. The coloring may be different for different people – drugs, alcohol, sex life, or even religion. Anything to just make us pink.

However, only when He frees us from that captivity, paying ransom with His own blood, that is when we regain our TRUE pinkness.

Well, enough for an iPod update (don’t have neither lappy with me right now).

What do you think? Can flamingos be truly pink in captivity?

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