[random notes: God’s character]

[random notes: God’s character]

Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.

Hebrews 10:23, NLT

It has been one long Monday and it’s not even over yet.

Today I have joined the ranks of early-morning people and got up at 5:40AM (Note: usually I get up at 7:30AM). The sunrise was worth it – a bright red sun hung low just above the horizon and the still-sleeping city was painted gold.

The taxi came quickly and in less than 30 minutes I was at the office building. The brief walk from the car to the office was rather pleasant – it was 6:45AM, no people outside, the sun was smiling brightly right into my eyes, and the birds were rejoicing with the spring. AH.

The lobby was also unusually quiet, just the night shift guards hanging around. The Microsoft guy was waiting for me already at the door. A coffee later, my admin manager arrived.

However, the IT problems were not to be solved today. The reason we agreed to meet that early on Monday morning was because the guy from another company was away for the weekend and the Microsoft guy had a Microsoft Visual Studio presentation today, so the only time we could meet was 7AM on Monday morning.

The three of us were in the office when the other guy called and said “I cannot come.”

I haven’t talked to him, but it seemed like he just didn’t want to come. UGH. So the Microsoft guy went to meet their project launch speaker, my admin manager left on her business, and I stayed behind at the office.

The day has been hectic because of that. Not only it was just a long day, but also the IT problems remained and I wandered around the office for quite some time because I could not do anything. It does drive all of us to think of alternatives, but this is getting old.

I titled this post “God’s Character” and by now y’all are probably wondering why. It felt disappointing to have our hopes of flawlessly working CRM trampled on. We did everything from our side and the other guy let us down.

One of the things that I love about our God – He never lets us down and keeps His promises.

When He says He will be with us, He comes.

When He says that He will keep His promise – He does.

When He says that His love is strong – He proves it on that roman cross 2,000 years ago.

What is one of the traits of His character that gives YOU joy? Got a story to share?

(Sidenote: I don’t have an “Anti-Rambling Policy” on my blog, so feel free to write as much as you want 😉 )

  • I seriously love your "anti-rambling" policy because this lady tends to ramble. Also, love the connections you make with life. God is certainly everywhere. Also I feel for you. My husband deals with the same kind of things. He wakes up super early because the AC guy is coming (they have to let in an AC guy often because their AC has to be on in the computer room or it overheats and that's bad for the servers). The guy will either tell my husband to meet him there super early, or he won't tell him and he'll call him and say "yeah, I'm sitting outside the office. Where are you?" Then my husband has to rush around and get to work. It's maddening.

    But back to your question. I think for me knowing that God is always there brings me joy. I hate waiting around for people. I don't like relying on others. I find them unpredictable and waivering. God never is. I'm just glad that God isn't like my earthly father. I had an alcoholic father who was only around when he felt bad and when he was dying of cancer. As a kid, I certainly didn't think much of it, but as I got older–I realized how much I missed by him not being there. I so much wanted that in a dad. He died when I was 11 and so I missed him seeing me graduate, get married, have kids. I missed all of that. He didn't walk me down the aisle. He didn't get to be a grandpa to my kids. And sometimes that still makes me sad. There were times I really wanted to just go to someone and say "fix this" and he wasn't there for me. God is not like that. He is always there. Maybe because I didn't have people there in my life to support me, it made me feel even closer to God because when you have no one, where do you turn? I turned to God and I thank Him for being everything to me.

    • haha, i sooo hear about the AC guy… been freezin' in the server room meself today. give a *knowing hug* to your hubby for me 😀

      relying on others… i used not to like it… but then i realized that i did not like it precisely because i sooo longed to have someone (besides God) to rely on. these days, i too love the fact that He is always with me.

      i never met my biological dad. all i got from his is a book (Maugham) and i know his last name (even though i got my mom's maiden name)… *shrug* i got my pastor who is like a dad to me and i got a friend whom i call dad (neither is married to my mom 😀 we're an odd family, haha)… i used to think that ah, i don't need him (my real dad) since he didn't want me and i grew up in a wonderful family that consisted of 5 women and a she-cat… not feminist, but we sure knew how to be strong, my grandma set a great example…. but now, grandma and my aunt are gone, my cousin lives in Germany, mom got married, and i find myself thinking more and more often about my real dad… what would be if i met him one day, or what if he would walk me down the aisle one day… or just to know that there's someone you can come to when something's broken and you want it fixed… but God gently reminds me that He already fixed the most important thing – my life, and He also sends great guys my way, too 😀

  • I forgot to subscribe to your comments. I like yours better….lol. Ok, now I'm in the loop 🙂

  • I don't have an anti-rambling policy on my blog either and it is a good thing! LOL. My favorite characteristic would have to be His grace (because I needed it, need it and will need it) as well as His faithfulness (when I am not He is).

    • just today i was walking home from a meeting, looking up at the big dipper (the sky was cloudy except for the spot where the constellation was), and sang Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) along with Chris Tomlin… Amazing Grace is my all-time favorite song…

  • Zee, you get extra points for saying that. I love that song by Chris Tomlin and love Amazing Grace, the song too. My favorite! Also, sorry to hear about your dad stuff. Have you ever tried to find him? I think that would be hard not knowing where he is and if he cares. My sis in law found her dad a few years ago and their relationship is kind of awkward. He has a new family with a 6 year old son, but still she is happy he is in her life. Hugs to you too!

    • 🙂 so how many points do i get total? 😀

      do you have Passion World Tour comin' somewhere close to where you live? we're gonna have that soon, on May 10th… gonna hear Chris Tomlin himself… ahhh! so excited about it!! i loved the Passion '08.

      nope… well, i tried googling his last name, the search didn't show up anything useful. mom doesn't know where he is and i am not sure whether i would want to see him… i really don't know what would i tell him… "Hi, dad, i'm your daughter?" sounds like a Brazilian soap opera 😀

      … talking about dads, just found out that my friend (the one i call dad, but who's not related to me) has got serious medical problems (hopefully, not cancer… they don't know yet)… dang…. not again…

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