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Zee Gimon

I am Zee. I call myself the Observer because that's what I find myself doing most of the time - observe life and people around me. My blog is a Pensieve, similar to that of Dumbledore, used to keep the thoughts and random ideas that visit my brain.

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  • Wow! That's a cool connection you made there. I love it. It's so true…we don't like the hard stuff, but want all the feel-good stuff. I too am like that. When things get hard, I tend to get angry that God isn't making me "feel good" anymore. Just gotta realize that this is not being a Christian! Great post Zee.

    • Well, getting angry at God is better than stopping to care for Him at all, i think.

      but yeah, i know what you're talking about.

  • Me with me

    YES!!!!! I was right!!!! Love you Zeena Maria!

    • Yes, Trino, you were right 😉 my bad.

      love ya too, brother.

  • Zee, Just came to your site for the first time and I am truly impressed. I like your style of writing and your site is beautiful. Sometimes I wish my style of writing in my posts were more like yours. I think your style of everyday life and Christian living blended together is what I actually had in mind when I felt God lead me to create my blog, but when I start writing and blending scripture, my posts generally take a more sermon approach. Please keep up the good work and I have subscribed to your blog. I am also adding a link on my blog to yours!

    • Hey Randall, welcome! And thanks )))

      everyone got their own style and i like yours from the brief wandering around your blog 🙂

  • Hey Zee! Thanks for the shout out. I don't care at all for White Chocolate. Being one who loves chocolate (milk or dark) I find white too…I don't know how to describe it…sweet, lacking in something…I don't know. Unsatisfying. Maybe that is a better word. Sort of like WCT actually. I think WCT leaves an emptiness that is unsatisfying in many ways. Good thoughts today. Love and hugs to you this weekend.

    • "WCT leaves an emptiness that is unsatisfying in many ways" – yeah, no kidding… and we might even not understand what's wrong since in our minds, we just had "chocolate" but our body says "noooo, here you are mistaken, my friend."

  • good post, zee. i often find myself frustrated by the modern church's attempts to gloss over some hard things in scripture. we try to make everything and everyone as comfortable as possible, because that's the key to getting more people in the doors.

    but with all of our watered-down Christianity, who is truly being discipled? we teach self-help (a throwback to you the other day) and being a well-adjusted member of society, debt-free and able to raise our children well. but who of us looks like Jesus? who of us is obedient?

    oh, and for me, the darker and more bitter the chocolate the better. just like my coffee.

    • Thanks for stopping by, James! 🙂

      Heh, you brought up the question of discipleship… at our Church board meeting we recently had a discussion (well, series of discussions more like, since we finally realize that something needs to be done) and talked what do we lack. everyone mentioned discipleship. and it's true – we basically don't have it. and why? exactly because we try to make everyone comfortable. but where on earth does the Bible say anything about comfortable faith?

      🙂 my mom loves dark dark chocolate too.

  • Zee, speaking of chocolate, here's some food for thought!. The Orthodox church was established around 400 AD, and since then has spread throughout the world, and eventually groups splintered off such as the Catholics, and then the Protestants. Protestantism came to America and since then, many denominations have splintered off due to differences in theology, some significant and some trivial. More recently it seems that this church splitting is becoming more and more common, and I have witnessed one such event personally. M point to ponder is where is the true Gospel message being taught, since it seems to change with people's desires and personal feeilngs, because as far as I know, God has not added any addendums to the Bible since it was first written. I know where to find the truth, and that is the Bible, but the church thing is getting out of control.

    • so agree, Randall!

      this division thing bugs me. just trying to explain to my friends that even though i go to a Nazarene Church, i am still a follower of Christ, just like those who go to the Orthodox churches here in Ukraine. oh, and to mention that my Church is one of the protestant ones, the immediate question is – what are you protesting against? 😀 sometimes it's funny, sometimes it gets old.

      i so want to go back to the simplicity of the first Church, where the disciples were all together – yeah, of course they had their arguments and discussions (like the one between Paul and Peter regarding Gentiles), but they were still ONE body of Christ. the Church as it is today reminds me of random organs spread out everywhere.

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