[the first]

[the first]

In two years since I started working at the Chamber, today was the first time when I really did not want to work. Yes, I stayed at home because I was sick, but usually I longed to go back to the office after a day or two. My friends still consider me nuts for loving what I do so much (mostly, it’s WHO I work with that makes the difference, but I also love to do what I do).

Today, as i checked my work e-mail from home and chatted with a couple of colleagues, I realized that I am in a way dreading going back tomorrow.

I am torn.

On one hand, I really want to dive back into work.

On the other hand, considering all the IT problems that we’ve been having lately (and the ones that I cannot fix)… I cannot even work efficiently. Last week was basically a disaster because I could not send any e-mails to anyone and we even had to cancel an event because we did not notify enough people about it.

UGH. I have tried to be an optimist, but now even I am giving up on the new system that we’ve got. It sucks. ROYALLY.

Or, I guess I should clarify. The system itself is not bad. It is just unsuitable for us since we’re not a sales organization and hence our needs are WAY different than those of the, I dunno, Citibank, for example.

We’re all at our wits’ end…

Thankfully, God still reminds me that “this too shall pass” and that after we’ll sort this problem, we’re gonna be smarter and… and I do not know what.

Gosh, I miss my work and team!

Do you like what you do? Did you ever want to give up because there seemed too many problems? What made you reconsider giving up?

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