[random notes: night owls and early birds]

[random notes: night owls and early birds]

This thread began in the comments at Michael’s blog (the thread was completely off the topic, but check out the post – it’s good).

I was always a bit jealous of people who could get up early. Ever since I’ve read the first Max Lucado’s book, I became even more amazed with the people who get up early.

I guess I can call myself a night owl, although that has been slowly changing in the last couple of years since I have started working. Some of my friends still don’t understand why I do not want to stay up until 5 in the morning, but I don’t really care. I need my beauty sleep.

The morning are still tough for me. At least when I am home and someone else is home too. When there’s no one home, it is easy for me to get up, turn some nice rocky music on, and hop my way around the apartment getting ready for the day. And morning for me starts a lot later than for the most people who will be reading this blog.

I love mornings when I can be myself. I love mornings when I am not at home because it makes the getting-ready-process easier – the choice of clothes and stuff is not as big šŸ˜€ I love mornings in the camps when I know that after I make myself my big Starbucks or Church of the Nazarene mug of coffee, I’ll join my brothers and sisters for morning devotions. I love mornings when I wake up at my best friend’s place whenever I stay over at her place and she’s still sleeping (she’s quite talkative, so it’s a pleasure when she’s quiet – JUST KIDDING:D)

But, for me, the quiet times for writing, reading, and chatting with God are at night. When mom’s TV is turned off, my cat’s there, sleeping peacefully, a mug full of hot Earl Grey tea with lemon by my side, and Jacy, my lappy, on my lap.

I miss Idaho times. When I could walk outside in my stocking-feet, sit on the porch swing that usually stood somewhere in the backyard, watch the stars, and play with Nome, the wolf (yeah, a real wolf)… Oh, not to forget Tai-Bear, a little shih-tzu, who was always fighting Nomes for my attention. Considering the altitude the Idaho Falls is located at, the sky is almost always clear there and the stars were always shining so brightly. In August, there were also meteor showers and I got to see some really awesome “falling stars”…

Who knows, maybe later when I’ll get a family of my own, I would finally teach myself to get up early. Maybe not.

What about you? Are you a night owl or an early bird? Is it by choice or natural?

  • Early Bird…By choice even though I have too.

    Thx for the love as well!

    • šŸ˜‰ the least i could do.

  • Absolutely no question that I am a morning person. I love getting up and getting my day started. I have time to write, do my Quiet Time, work on sermons, go to the "Y" and get a ton of things done. The secretary gets here about 8:00 so once that happens the whole atmosphere changes. however, by 9:30 I have to be in bed or heading that direction. Sometimes I envy those who stay up late but then again they don't make it up early either. Reckon I will stay the way I am. šŸ™‚

    • it's fun how we are all so different… and that everyone has times when "the grass on the other side of the hill is greener" šŸ™‚

  • I am absolutely not a morning person. I hate the morning. I hate that my head is all stuffed up from the overnight humidity. I hate that my eyes are only open a slit because light hurts them. I hate that I have to drive to the office through traffic. I hate that I cannot even concentrate on anything until about 8:45. I hate that no matter how early I got to bed, I still wake up the same grumpy and tired way.

    • heh, mostly same here. i guess another reason why i prefer to be home alone in the mornings is because i don't really care what i look like when i get up and God has seen me in high and low times, so i don't think he minds my messed-up-ness šŸ˜€

      on the other hand, Lucado, in his book In the Eye of the Storm has an entire chapter called "Holiness in a Bathrobe"… that is encouraging to read. he talks exactly about that moment – when you first see yourself in the mirror in the morning.

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