[my companion]

[my companion]

I stayed home from work today because I felt sick yesterday and I knew that if I didn’t stay home and get some normal rest, it’s gonna get worse. So here I am, sitting with Jacy (my computer) and being entertained by Queen Liz (my lovely cat). Probably should get some lunch since it’s almost 4PM over here.

That aside, I am not in a thinking mood today (wow, thank God! there is a switch after all, eh?) and so I decided to share a few pics of my best friend at home (mom does not count).

My cat Liz.

She might not be a cat everyone would look at and say “Oh, gorgeous!” but she has a character that many cats would envy.

Maybe I am prejudiced, but I love her.

She thinks that mom is her servant and I am her kitten. She demands food whenever mom gets home, she demands attention when I get home.

We did not plan a cat (on the contrary, we thought we will never get a cat since my cousin is allergic to cats)… But we went to buy food for our parrot and then grandma, a friend of mine, and I went to look at other pets.

I just could NOT walk past that magnificently-blue-eyed and latte-colored furry creature.

I have thought recently that most of my life, Liz was around. We got her when I was just 10. Now I am 24.

She is definitely a member of the family. There were tough times, there were great times, and most of the times were amazing.

Since she’s my cat, she likes IT stuff too, especially Jacy.

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