[a day of :20s]

[a day of :20s]

Don’t look for deeper meaning, I don’t think there is any in this post. Just random thoughts in my mind. And the fact that I like numbers (even though I really dislike math).

The day started early. The family tradition is that my mom wakes me up at 7:20AM.

“Zee, it’s 20 minutes already,” mom whispered through an open door to my room. I rolled to my side, squinting, and reaching for my cell phone which serves as an alarm clock. Why didn’t the alarm go off? I wondered briefly before looking at the time.


Weird, I did not think we changed the time again. Debating between trusting mom and trusting my intuition, I raised myself on my elbow and looked out the window. The sun was barely over the horizon. Hmm, usually it is way above the horizon at 7AM these days. I got up and waddled to the kitchen where another clock hung. 6:20AM.

Mom was brushing her teeth when I entered the bathroom, “Um… It is SIX twenty, mom, not SEVEN twenty.”

She turned and stared at me. “Really? Whoops. I did think that it was strange the sun was so low, and that the cars were not too loud outside… and that you were still sleeping… But I still decided that it was 7:20AM.”

I went back to bed.


The sun was up and so was I. Slow shower, choosing what to wear, trying to get ready for work with mom walking around. Usually, she is still sleeping at this time, but today they were going to the cemetery.


Get out of my apartment, walk to the bus stop, listening to Faith Comes from Hearing Bible, falling asleep in the subway.


Board the company bus to finally get to work.


The day starts: dive into html, websites, e-mails, online business network, and new team changes.

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