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Zee Gimon

I am Zee. I call myself the Observer because that's what I find myself doing most of the time - observe life and people around me. My blog is a Pensieve, similar to that of Dumbledore, used to keep the thoughts and random ideas that visit my brain.

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  • This is an excellent post Zee! The same situation applies here in America as in Ukraine. People think they are "Christians" because they go to church or attend mass or give their tithe, or whatever. Sadly, the term has been widely accepted worldwide. For example, if you are not Jewish or Arab you are Christian in the Middle East. I was so tired of that I began looking for another way to describe a follower of Jesus so I started using Christ-follower. But then that go hi-jacked also. Truth is: no matter what we call ourselves you hit on it-we have got to be walked and not just talkers.

    • Makes me feel sad for the poor atheists in the Middle East – no one believes in them 😀 (but then, what you give is what you get…)

      thanks for stopping by, Bill. always appreciate your feedback 😉

  • Good reflections, Zee!

    • Thanks, Marty 🙂 it's always good to "see" you here 🙂

  • Howdy Zee! And thanks Bill for leading me here!!

    Probably because I was not a Christian for close to 30 years of my life, I don't usually have this issue. People are generally shocked when they find out I'm a Christian for the same reasons you mentioned above. I'm not sure what a Christian is supposed to look like, but I try really hard to look and act like a Toby…..no more, no less.

    I wish I could put it in a better way, but I think when this old generation dies off, the face of Christianity will change for the better. Sure there will be those raised to put on an act or treat people like 'less-thans', but I think for the most part, the face will change. People in other parts of the world might disagree 100%, but that's just what I see in other Christians I find myself around.

    Again, good to find another excellent writer. Looking forward to more.

    • Hey Toby, good to see you here 🙂 Hope you'll enjoy my ramblings 😀

      I agree. Considering the new ideas that i am seeing (an example off the bat – the emergent Church or teaching, which gains a lot of attention and followers), something is definitely about to change. Either that, or Christ will finally come back 😀

      The only thing is, maybe i am conservative, but although a lot needs to be changed, i see the changes that need to be done as returning to the original teachings. Why invent a wheel when we've got one already and it's a sturdy and good one? *Shrug*

      Thanks for the feedback, Toby 🙂

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