[the trip to the kids’ place]

[the trip to the kids’ place]

Finally here I am to talk about the trip we had to the Kids’ Place two Saturdays ago.

I was so glad to finally be back. I was worried that kids will be mad at me or something, because I haven’t come for so long (last time I came was back in June 2009)… I was nervous that there will be too many new people in the team. I was so happy when I realized that kids missed me and were all over me that I finally came.

I was surprised at how much they’ve grown since the last time. WOW… Yes, I know that kids do grow up, but so fast?

This is Vadim, the fastest kid ever. He is always everywhere, and most of the time, he was the one wielding my camera (I took probably 20 pictures during the entire trip, kids had the camera most of the time.)

This is Galya, a fun gal who is one of the youngest kids in that orphanage (she is 10). She has 3 brothers and a sister, all older than her. The brothers are already living outside of the orphanage because they reached the age, the older sister will graduate high school this summer and will leave too.

Left to right: me, Inna, and Katya. Inna is Galya’s older sister. Katya is one of our team members who have been going to the orphanage since 2007.

Ivan. He is amazing with learning poems and telling them to us. He doesn’t think much of himself, but at the same time, he is an optimist.

During one of our little English language classes the kids have been learning songs. I found out that kids have been learning my favorite song Amazing Grace, and Ivan sang it to us. They also learned Our God is an Awesome God, and the new song of the trip was This is the Day.

One of the teachers at the orphanage. I have heard many stories about children being abused in the orphanages, but this orphanage is not one of those. I can see that kids adore their teachers and the teachers do all they can so the kids would get at least a little bit of love.

Not a picture of someone, but of something. The Easter was coming and over here, since we do not have palm trees up north, we have willows. The Palm Sunday is even called Willow Sunday over here. One of the kids took this picture, not sure who, but it was a great picture.

And finally, when you have 16 kids taking turns at taking pictures with two cameras, you become one of the most famous target. After some time, to serenely smile gets boring and you become nuts 😀 Hence, the grin below:

It was a great trip and I am thankful for Perry, my ex-teacher and a good friend, who initiated these trips back in 2007 and continues on. I am thankful for the kids in the Kids’ Place who welcome us with open hearts and ready grins. I am thankful for the team of people my age who take their time to come and serve. It is an honor to be with them all.

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