[gray’s my favorite color]

[gray’s my favorite color]

Gray’s my favorite color… That is the first line of BarlowGirl’s song Gray.

I couldn’t help but think of it tonight because my mind was a beehive of thoughts.

I have asked a friend of mine, “Do I seem like a person who prefers life in black and white or a person who knows that there are grey areas?”

The reason I asked was that today once again I have thought “I really do not like when people see things this way and this way only” (whatever the “way” is)… I have stumbled upon areas where you cannot have black and white. There are grey areas.

But on the other hand, another friend of mine always said that I am an idealist. So… like in that saying, eh? “Whatever we don’t like in other people, we have that very same problem.”

This is confusing.

If you would be asked the same question, “Are you B&W person, grey one, or somewhere in the middle?” What would you say?

Do you believe grey areas exist in our lives?

Do you believe that everything can be solved with separation between black and white?

I invite you to share your opinion / thoughts.

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