[comic wisdom]

[comic wisdom]

Another day of sitting on my hands. Did I mention I hate being / feeling useless?

Anyway, I was looking through my personal mail and stumbled upon this comic.

You know me; my thinking machine is always on. As I looked at the comic, I thought “Just how often we, as the followers of Christ, are like those birds?”

In one of my comments on Bill Grandi’s blog I came up with a new English word “sheepolution.” Basically what I meant by it was the concept that my pastor and us, the Church board, have discussed – that people in Church should not be content just being sheep, but by the means of “sheepolution” (there is no such word in Russian), people in Church (sheep) should strive to become leaders (shepherds).

Going back to the comic above, how often we also decide to just go along with someone instead of putting effort into flying?

I love heights, I love flying in planes, and I love swings because they make me feel like I am flying. I often watch the birds outside my window, feeling jealous of their ability to fly. I wake up deliriously happy every time I dream of flying (and that happens quite often). And I guess when I think of substituting the exhilaration of the flight for just riding something, limiting our God-given abilities… Why do we do that? Why do we consciously limit ourselves when God gave us the ability to FLY?

Little Side Note: I did not mean that pastors are slow or something. I just used that example because it was similar in nature (the people just eating the food the pastors give them, but too lazy to go to the fridge themselves), we have our own means of limiting ourselves.

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